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Lexi Schulze: A Time To Spark Joy

ANC Host and mother of two, Lexi Schulze-Berenguer Testa, talks about letting go of things that no longer serve her to make more room for joy.  

“Life at home has taken on a very literal meaning. When the pandemic struck, I saw it as the perfect time to press the pause button on life, viewing it as permission from the Universe to do so,” begins Lexi Schulze-Berenguer-Testa. As things began to slowdown in 2020, the mother of two and ANC TV host took the opportunity to embrace stillness and dive into the things that truly spark joy in her life. 

The Gift of Time

Lexi explains, “I chose to see the gift of time as the ultimate silver lining. I feel like I’ve finally won back all those years spent on-the-go. The pandemic concept of the pivot continues to be all the rage, and I’ve embraced it myself.” Pivotal events of her pandemic journey happened simultaneously. As the global health crisis unfolded, ANC’s parent company, was unceremoniously shut down. It was at this point that she began looking for other ways to tap into her passions–and perhaps, find another purpose. “This is when the idea of being a KonMari consultant presented itself,” she smiles.  

Sparking joy with less

The new course towards becoming a KonMari consultant felt like a homecoming of sorts. Lexi has always been a “serial de-clutterer.” She explains, “I figured I could help others do the same with their homes to find the ultimate joy in living. So, I dug into my savings, took a leap of faith, and started my journey last April.” As she immersed in this new life path, she also discovered her own healing modality. 

Home as a Mindspace

As of this writing, Lexi is an exam away from being certified. She has helped two clients make more room for things that spark joy. Home was also a space that had been cleared of the clutter. She shares, “I don’t plan on only offering clients a de-cluttered home, but hopefully a de-cluttered mind and heart as well. If it worked for me, it can definitely work on anyone who’s committed to the process. And it’s not really a question of finding time, but of making time. And committing. The end result is just magical.”

Lexi also applies the same advice on clearing homes to mind space. “To those who are holding everything together, but know you’ve reached a breaking point— let go. It’s okay to break down and be vulnerable. It’s been tough on everyone and we all deserve to love ourselves despite all our imperfections.” 

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