Sunshine Cruz: The Ties That Bind

A bout with the Coronavirus, lock in tapings and months spent in lockdown have created unbreakable bonds between actor Sunshine Cruz and her three daughters.

“This pandemic that we are facing is a situation that none of us expected and have never experienced before! It can be really scary, but focusing on being healthy and taking care of ourselves here at home helps a lot,” says Sunshine Cruz. It’s been well over a year since the start of the global health crisis, and for Sunshine and her daughters, adapting to the new normal remains to be a steady and hopeful work in process. 

Mom of Three

The mom who looks more like a sister to her three teen daughters has been enjoying quality bonding time since the lockdowns. Sunshine expresses a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to connect and create memories. She says, “My daughters and I are closer than ever. Not only am I their mom, but their best friend as well. We’ve been inseparable, learning different things at home, like baking and cooking different dishes. We’ve also been working out together, always exchanging interesting stories and watching our favorite TV flicks!”

A recent bout with the Coronavirus, however, disrupted a routine of endless girl time. Sunshine, who tested positive and showed symptoms of COVID-19, was forced to quarantine away from her girls for 21 long days. Throughout this period of isolation, she confesses that her children’s safety was all she could think about. Being fully present has also kept her from feeling overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. “I realized that living our life one day at a time helps me emotionally and mentally.”

Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine is instead overcome by gratitude for having been able to survive. “I am thankful that my loved ones and I are doing fine despite this crisis,” she expresses. It’s in moments like these that she sets an example for strength and resilience. “Times are tough nowadays, but when your mind and heart are in tune, you can pull yourself through anything and everything!” states the 44-year-old personality. 

It’s business as usual in their home, where the girls are busy with distance learning. Sunshine is currently back at work, bubbled with the cast and crew of a new project. Despite their new schedules, the bonds among them remain unbreakable. Sunshine ends, “They have a tutor to guide them, but I push them to finish their tasks and assignments every single day. I inspire them in my own personal way. The right encouragement is a must from us parents. Even as I go back to work (lock-in taping), I keep open communication with my girls which I know is very important.” 

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