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LJ Reyes on the Year 2023: I’m Grateful

The year 2023 saw actress LJ Reyes discovering a renewed sense of love with Philip Evangelista.

LJ Reyes has shared snippets of her life in the US—since relocating there with her two kids. On January 10, the GMA actress shared a reel on Instagram about being grateful in 2023.

The reel showed snippets of her life in the US, her recent wedding to Philip Evangelista, her kids as well as Philip’s son Ivan. “2023 was the year God began to fulfill His promises and I truly cannot wait for what else is in store for me and our family!” she wrote.

Source: lj_reyes Instagram

” I just want to share my gratitude for what God has done in my life. During the holiday. I looked back to the year that was through the photos on my phone. [I] tried so hard to fit all of the memorable photos and videos into a reel but it just wouldn’t fit! IG just keeps on freezing on me! “

Talking about her spirituality, LJ noted as well how her prayers to God would take her to where she was supposed to go. “I am still in that journey because He [still] continues to write my story. But, I recognize that life is a beautiful gift from God and the only way to truly enjoy this limited time is to enjoy it with Him.”

LJ Reyes: It’s not a perfect road

Continuing her reflection, LJ is aware that the journey is far from over and that as a human, mistakes will happen.

“The road is not easy nor perfect but His faithfulness reigns over our past, our apprehensions, our mistakes, our mistrust, our doubts, and everything else. God creates beauty from ashes, turns the ugly parts of your life into your testimony to tell His story—of love and redemption.”

By quoting verses from the Book of Isaiah and the Gospel of John, LJ ended her post by saying: ” He blessed me with more than just my prayers. He blessed me with a new life that is better than I could imagine.”

Source: lj_reyes Instagram

LJ married Philip last October. Before settling with Philip, she was in a relationship with Paolo Contis with whom she has a daughter, Summer. She also has a son, Aki with ex-boyfriend Paolo Avelino.

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