LOOK: Joaquin Cruz Turns 2 With A Hot Wheels Party!

Rodjun Cruz and Dianne Medina threw their son, Joaquin, a Hot Wheels Party for his 2nd birthday!

Joaquin Cruz celebrated his 2nd birthday last September 10, 2022, with a Hot Wheels-themed party. He also spent his birthday with classmates and car-themed cakes and decorations at The Concept Room Studio. Nice Print Photo took several photos of the occasion.

Joaquin even had his own car!

Photo from Dianne Medina IG

Red has always been a good racing color so it’s no surprise that Joaquin had a red car of his own.

The whole family had matching racing uniforms!

Photo from Diane Medina IG

If there’s a racing team to be celebrated, it’s the Cruz Racing Team. Rodjun Cruz, Dianne Medina, and their son, Joaquin, all had matching racing uniforms to celebrate his birthday.

He celebrated with his classmates, too.

No party would be complete if Joaquin’s friends weren’t around. He celebrated with a Hot Wheels-themed birthday cake along with his classmates.

Happy Birthday, Joaquin!

Last we heard from Rodjun and Dianne, it was dealing with parenting amidst the pandemic. Especially with a 1-year-old Joaquin. It makes Joaquin’s 2nd birthday extra special as it also celebrates him meeting his classmates and having a birthday bash like other children. Once again — happy 2nd birthday, Joaquin!

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