Mari Jasmine and Michael Concepcion Introduce Their Daughter Noa

Mari Jasmine and Michael Concepcion announced they were expecting their first child back in November 2022.

Blogger and host Mari Jasmine and her husband, businessman Michael Concepcion, introduced their daughter Noa via Instagram on April 26.

“First week at home with our little girl Noa. I didn’t know I could love you more @marijasmine, thank you for making our dreams come true,” Michael wrote.

The couple did not give specific details of Noa’s birth but Mari Jasmine shared some of her experiences with her followers about the birthing process and why she and Michael decided to name their daughter Noa.

“We wanted a Japanese name that worked in English, too. We landed on Noa pretty early on in my pregnancy and it stuck,” she said.

Settling as a family

Mari first announced that she and Michael were expecting their first child in November. Days after the pregnancy announcement, the couple got married in a solemn wedding before having another celebration in Manila early this year.

Mari, who is of Japanese and English blood, is a model and content creator. She does several TV hosting gigs as well. Currently, she travels back and forth between Manila and Sydney for work.

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