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Meet Valerie Concepcion’s New Baby Boy

Valerie Concepion is now a mom of two as she welcomes her newborn baby boy!

The Seed of Love actress just became a mom of two! Valerie Concepcion recently posted on her Instagram story the birth of her new baby boy, who apparently now shares the same birthday as her eldest daughter, 19-year-old Heather. The mom also took snippets of her husband, Francis Sunga, holding their newborn son. It looks like there may be a joint celebration between the two kids coming in the next year!

Meet Valerie Concepcion's New Baby Boy
Source: v_concepcion Instagram

How Valerie Concepcion Waited for Her Baby Boy

Valerie Concepcion and Francis Sunga have been patiently waiting for their baby boy, keeping busy with other various activities to keep the excitement at bay. Besides a bear-y blue baby shower, Valerie Concepcion had a minimalist maternity shoot that broke away from the mainstream colors by using black and white in a very chic way. Before that, they also had an avantgarde-like gender reveal with bright blue paints to celebrate Francis’ birthday wish of having a son coming true!

Pregnancy is a journey filled with emotions and sometimes, we occupy ourselves with various activities to stay busy and productive. That strong nesting urge can make baby retail therapy look very appealing. But Valerie Concepcion found another productive way to channel those emotions: preparing her 19-year-old daughter, Heather, for her journey into the world as an adult. She celebrates her eldest’s various milestones such as her debut and her capping and candle ceremony, making sure that her eldest daughter had someone physically there to witness her oath-taking and first step in becoming a nurse.

Meet Valerie Concepcion's New Baby Boy
Source: v_concepcion Instagram

A Generation Apart But a Constant Love

The celebrity mom will now definitely be facing the challenge of balancing both her children. With Heather being in an emotionally-charged profession, her son being fully dependent on her, and with hormones slowly simmering down, these are only some of the challenges that make pregnancy journeys similar but so unique among others. But so long as Francis and she navigate things together, it’ll be an eventful trip. Who knows? Maybe even Heather will pitch in as a nurse on Valerie’s journey as a mom of two kids with a large age gap!

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