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Mikaela Lagdameo: A New Chapter Opens

Model, host, and entrepreneur Mikaela Lagdameo launches her latest jewelry collection called Chapter and shares the balancing act of co-parenting.

Those who grew up in the late 90s and 2000s would recognize Mikaela Lagdameo as one of the most sought-after models and hosts. Now a mother of three, Mika’s latest project is her newest collection of jewelry called Chapters under the brand Atelier 818.

Modern Parenting recently talked to Mika about her jewelry line and life as a single mom co-parenting three kids.

Mikaela Lagdameo: A New Chapter Opens

The New Chapters of Her Life

Regarding her new collection, Mika shared: “Chapters represent a new season in one’s life. Acknowledging the past, living in the present, but looking forward to what the future brings.”

“In this collection, I have a lot of pieces that can be personalized into your own story. For instance, bands that can have your favorite phrase engraved. I have charms to symbolize many significant things like a cross to represent one’s faith, a palm tree to symbolize hope and life, as well as the love for the tropics, an ampersand to remind us that our story does not end, and many more!”

Mika pointed out that it’s a collection meant to be “part of your everyday.”

Mika Lagdameo and her three kids
Source: mikaelamartinez Instagram

Mikaela Lagdameo on being a mom

As a mom to three kids, two of whom are in their teens, Mika admits that it takes always a lot of work.

“Can I just say that the balancing act never ends? It’s a work in progress – as we are all changing and growing together and it truly is something special,” she said.

“It takes a lot of work, love, and dedication. But overall, I think TRUST is one of the most important things,” she explained. “Without it, then it’s hopeless. You have to trust your children and they have to trust you. Whatever it is they run to you – whether it’s something to be proud of, but all the more in the most difficult situations or in the wrong.”

She also pointed out the importance of constant communication. “Communication is something so vital, especially when it comes to discipline. Openly discussing thoughts, feelings, opinions, and emotions.”

Mike knows that the time will come when her kids will make the decisions for themselves. “In the end, we cannot control them. We instill values and really have life talks and real conversations. [We should] allow them to make mistakes, but when they do – because they will so (don’t be surprised) — you journey with them and allow them to process it.”

“It takes a lot of patience, self-control, and understanding as a parent. What they need from you is reassurance. Reassurance of your love for them and who they are in Jesus. They [should] remain kind but do not allow themselves to be pushovers – to be tough but also have empathy for others.”

Mikaela Lagdameo: A New Chapter Opens

Protecting her kids and co-parenting

Although Mika shares family photos on her social media accounts, there are times she won’t share them to protect them.

“If it’s too personal, or if it invades their personal space [I] don’t share it,” she reminded parents. “Like imagine if it were your parent who just shared everything about you without your consent. So for the older ones, I ask their permission, for my youngest who is seven – I just filter the achievements like sports or maybe some proud moments, or if it’s awareness about something important that could help another, it’s okay. But  the rest I just keep to myself.”

As for her life now as a single parent, Mika admits it’s very tough. “Lots of tears and lonely moments. But only for a brief time,” she exhaled. “There are painful adjustments because things are not as they used to be.”

“It’s a new life to get used to – but I have no regrets. Our kids are flourishing and we have learned to find what works for our family – although it is far from perfect – nothing ever is. But it’s a continuous work in progress. We have to remember that families come in different setups. It’s not a one-size fit.”

If there’s one thing she wants to share her experience, this is what Mika would say: “Take one day at a time. Be open, listen to one another, and find what works best by trying. This is the time also to discover new things about yourself and really be intentional with parenting. What may work for others may not necessarily work for you.”

“So don’t compare. Each one has a unique journey and a unique story. Just like my jewelry capsule collection – Chapters. You decide how your story unfolds then make it happen.”

Mikaela Lagdameo: A New Chapter Opens

Still around for hosting

And although she’s busy attending to her family life and jewelry line, Mika said she has not really left one of the things she loves – hosting.

“To be honest, I never really left it,” she mused. “It was a continuous balancing act for me since I was 15. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to work with so many brands to this day – in every stage of my life.”

And just like her collection, a new chapter is always written in Mikaela Lagdameo’s life.

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