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Miriam Manalo’s Adoption of Her Son: “I am Your Mommy Forever!”

Miriam Manalo reveals the heartbreak and love she has for her adopted son, Diondre, after the loss of her two daughters.

It is any parent’s worst nightmare to outlive their child. The doubt, betrayal, and self-loathing flooded The Clash Season 1 alumna Miriam Manalo’s mind when she adopted and began caring for her son, Diondre. “Yes, I adopted a son although I never expected it to be this hard, I have been so emotional ever since I brought my son home.”

She had two daughters: Layla Elleina and Lilah Emilia. Both died due to complications from a genetic disorder known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Photo from Miriam Manalo IG

A Mother’s Grief and Aching Heart

There are no words to accurately describe the grief of losing a child. Miriam, however, reveals the rollercoaster of emotions that scratch the surface of her grief. “My heart aches every time I look at him [her son], carrying him, taking good care of him, those sleepless nights that I am having,” she shares. “I couldn’t even stop the tears coming out of my eyes every night, I miss my angels so, so bad!”

She posted an image of Lilah Emilia a while back, counting it as the “40th day”.

Photo from Miriam Manalo

“But I still choose to be a mother!”

Adoption may never bring her little girls back but Miriam knows that she is ready for her second chance at motherhood with Diondre. Nothing in the world would change her choice to be a mother. “But then it didn’t matter to me anymore because I choose to be a mother. I choose my children more than anything else in this world.”

Although the pain still lingers, Miriam Manalo declares that her heart will always have “space” for her son with a heartfelt vow. “My heart is in pain, but there is space for you, my dear son. I am your mommy forever!”

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