Modern Parenting’s Here For The Holidays With Its 4th Magazine Issue!

Modern Parenting releases its 4th magazine issue in a holiday soiree, celebrating the many milestones in parenting of every parent!

Consider it both a New Year’s and Christmas party as Modern Parenting prepares to launch its 4th magazine issue on December 12, 2023, at Origine in Brittany Hotel. The 168-page issue will also showcase parenting stories of various personalities as they share the many struggles and victories they’ve had as modern-day parents. With the traditional 100 List of carefully selected parents and some heartwarming slice-of-life stories, Modern Parenting co-presents the latest issue with Y.O.U. Beauty and Brittany Hotel with a holiday soiree!

What’s in store for the moms and dads in attendance?

Not only will guests get to enjoy a gastronomic Spanish experience from Brittany’s Origine restaurant, but celebrity moms and influencers will also receive a lot of gifts from our sponsors: Million Glow, Lactacyd, Buscopan Venus, The Eco Shift, Cetaphil Baby, StoreIt, The Slim Firm, Marks and Spencer, Happy Skin, Kiele Naturals, Honest Junk, Sunnies, The Daily Ritual, Tiny Buds, Starbucks, The Groovy Shop, Sula Liqueur, Berry’s Deli, The Aivee Clinic, Onelife Pilates Studio, Vida Yoga, Shiseido, and Klean Kanteen.

Besides the many gifts in store, Modern Parenting will also unveil something fun and exciting for the parents this upcoming magazine issue!

Celebrate the Holidays With Modern Parenting!

Modern Parenting has always been sharing authentic tales of parents who have struggled, triumphed, and learned from the daily challenges that parenthood offers. After all, none of us could have gotten this far without you: the parents! We hope that this upcoming issue will sprinkle a little bit of happiness this upcoming holiday. Because when it comes to the holidays, it becomes extra special to celebrate it with the friends and family from our modern parenting village.

Be sure to follow Modern Parenting on Facebook and Instagram at @modernparentingph to witness the unveiling of our holiday special magazine issue!

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