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Every Mom Dreams Of the Unfiltered Look

The unfiltered look is a mom’s most favored look.

Secretly, we moms are envious of how our teens can spend so much time going through filters to curate photos on their Instagram. We take great pains to maintain a certain appearance and style. Some of us even favor our more formal family photos over the unfiltered shots because it’s not our “best” look. We plead with our kids to process the photos to “beautify” us before posting them. But with all the digital post-processing, we sometimes feel like the person we are in the photo is an impostor.

At times, we don’t even recognize ourselves anymore in family photos!

Unfiltered Look
Source: unfiltered_wellnesscenter Instagram

A mom’s dream look

There are days we want to go back to the way we looked before we became parents. When we look in the mirror, we tend to ask ourselves, “What happened to me?” Unfortunately, reality does not have filters for the dark eye bags due to long sleepless nights, the wrinkles from constant frowning, and the pudgy bellies from all the stress eating of our favorite snacks.

A lifestyle change may not be enough to revert us to our “unfiltered” look” either. We can eat a kilo of vegetables daily, cut out the carbs and sugar, stop all the vices, and still — there’s little to no change. Sometimes, our efforts in lifestyle change need a bit of push and that means visiting an aesthetic clinic that can get rid of those stubborn flaws.

Unfiltered Look
Source: unfiltered_wellnesscenter Instagram

The unfiltered look may not be about reverting to our old selves

We mourn for the woman we once were whenever we look at our old photos, reminiscing about how “unfiltered” we were and how we were in our prime. But being unfiltered is also about being honest with ourselves that we want to improve how we look and feel. We can work with what we have and simply enhance it by booking aesthetic services at Unfiltered Wellness Center! No more hiding, no more filters — if there’s a part of us we want to glam up then, it’s time we listen to it and just go for it.

For more about Unfiltered services, check out their Instagram here.

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