This Mom Helps Her Son Push Couture to the Max

Max Alexander, a 7-year-old fashion prodigy, sews his way up to haute couture with the help of his mom, Sherri Madison

“Dream big, even if you’re small.” Those are the words of 7-year-old fashion designer Max Alexander, who came up with innovative designs and sewed his way up to his dreams of being a couturier. His clothes have even found their way to actress and painter Sharon Stone, which he called “The Flying Shmarshmallow Coat.”

The amazing part? He was six years old when he created that coat!

“My son is a fashion designer, and it all started with upcycled @amazon Cardboard,” Craftopia‘s Sherri Madison reveals in one of her Instagram posts.

Source: Instagram

Supporting an incredible drive

When Sherri saw his commitment while he helped her create her creations, she helped him take it a step further. Not only does she accompany him to the fabric stores, but she also finds him two teachers, Jennifer and June—whom she calls his “sewing angels.”

“We are so grateful for these sewing angels. 🙏 June and Jennifer have taught Max so much and continue to encourage and support his dream of being a Couturier with all the patience and love in the world. He has been learning with them since he was 5!” writes Sherri on Max’s Instagram account.

The little boy sees them twice or thrice a month and all those lessons have paid off! Not only does Max Alexander have his own studio for designing but, he also hosts his own runway shows! Some of his clothes have even made it to Denver Fashion Week.

However, Max could not have made it alone. Many of those who praised his work also saluted his mom, Sherri, for recognizing “the spark” and nurturing it. Sherri also recently discovered that Max’s great-grandfather, Jack, was also a dressmaker! Is reincarnation truly a real thing?

Support your kids’ drive, even if it’s not the usual!

Sometimes, we hold back in supporting our kids’ passions because it’s unusual or different from the norm. We’re afraid society will bully and hurt them, and we’re trying to protect them by quashing it.

But what protects them from those kinds of people is actually being their number one supporter. Because Sherri Madison supported Max’s desire to become a couturier, he achieved big things. And who can deny now just how good he is?

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