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New Year’s Eve Outfits To Welcome 2024 In Family Parties

The year-ender party is here and here are some New Year’s Eve outfits to end with 2023 with style and attract the glitz and glam of 2024!

New Year’s Eve parties are sprouting everywhere, from concerts on the streets to having drinking parties at home! As families gather once again for one last hurrah to end 2023, we want to welcome 2024 with a pop of color if we’re not doing fireworks. Dazzle and attract all the good vibes for 2024 with these outfits for the New Year’s Eve parties and reunions.

1. Polka Dot Print Dresses

Polka dots are favorite print for New Year's outfits
Source: Pinterest

Polka Dots resurged in 2023 as a form of Fall fashion wear and are the most common symbols for money. Some Filipinos even believe that by wearing polka-dotted clothes, they’re attracting more wealth for the year. Although most polka dot outfits come in the white and black palette, try to find an emerald green one with white dots since Emerald Green is one of the lucky colors for the new year.

Key tip also for styling polka-dotted clothes: wear black footwear since most dots are either black or white. For a more preppy look, go for an above-the-knee dress, black stockings, and black brogues. Some even wear camel-colored brogues to add more color.

2. Layered monochrome outfits

Quiet Luxury or old-money outfits trended on the internet for the whole of 2023 because it’s so easy to build, especially with the right colors. We’ve been loving co-ords because of how simple it is: there’s not much thinking to do for a New Year’s outfit that already has a designated top and bottom. All that’s left are the accessories and accents which are best in gold — an auspicious color also for 2024.

3. Barbiecore Pink

Whether it’s a dress or a suit, Barbiecore outfits celebrate the party woman in all of us. Although many of us are past thirty, flirty, and thriving, it still pumps us up to jump at the strike of the clock when 2024 comes. The best part is, the color of the year 2024 peach fuzz, has become more available as either a sweater or a midi skirt. Style them with some rubber shoes for a more youthful and playful look.

4. Black Maxi Dress

Since we’re all about reducing our closet into a capsule, a black maxi dress — whether long-sleeved or sleeveless — makes brightly colored statement accessories pop. But Peach Fuzz, a nude color, also works well with black and bracelets or necklaces with stones such as Sakura Agate — which have healing properties to welcome new beginnings while Morganite encourages healing and compassion.

But if stones are too dazzling, some stores sell peach or pink-colored pearl accessories to add a subtle glamor to our outfits.

Black never goes old even for New Year outfits.
Source: Pinterest

5. Puffed sleeves

Since most Filipinas have dainty frames and narrow shoulders, it won’t be hard to find a puffed-sleeve top or dress lying around in Philippine fashion shops. Some of the fashion shops even have detachable ones which some call “pirate sleeves” since they look like sleeves found on a buccaneer’s blouse. Puffed sleeve tops already accent the dress and can add a softened but powerful look compared to shoulder pads.

6. Oversized Blazers or Trench Coats

Outerwear may sound silly in the Philippines but when it’s the end of the year, we’re all looking forward to bringing out the best our closets have to offer. The oversized blazers and trench coats also offer additional protection when outside if people are launching fireworks into the air. Some pair it with a mini dress but others may find trousers with slits to be more their style for their New Year’s outfits.

Source: Pinterest

7. Jeans with platform shoes

Platform shoes are both casual or formal, depending on the combination. But what we love is combining them with jeans! Platform shoes also make us look taller and are a lot more comfortable, compared to those stylish stilettos. Besides, with all the drinking, partying, and dancing, we’re going to need some comfortable dancing shoes.

Welcome The New Year in a Fully-Decked Out Outfit!

With Christmas playing more on reds and greens, New Year is more about having pops of colors regardless if they’re matte, metallic, or electro. It’s about celebrating the events — both good and bad — that have passed with a bang. With the benefit of hindsight, we’ve become wiser and happier people. And with 2024 around the corner, we’re getting ready to strut through it in style.

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