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Shops To Buy Kids’ Holiday Dresses and Outfits

With parties coming around, here are some shops where we can buy kids’ holiday dresses and outfits.

Our way of charting our kids’ growth is by dressing them up in many cute dresses and/or outfits. The boys have their button-up shirts and bow ties while the girls have their little fluffy dresses. And usually to end the year and welcome a new one, there’s a practice of buying new clothes to attract all the good vibes. Without further ado, here are shops to buy kids’ holiday dresses and outfits.

Source: spinkiewear

1. Spinkiewear

Spinkiewear is a favorite even among celebrity moms for their daughters with their princess-like dresses. They use tulle to add more puff to the skirt without adding too much weight, emphasizing our little girls’ cuteness. Their dresses are often in rosy colors like 2024’s color of the year: Peach Fuzz!

But to truly welcome the new year, some Feng Shui experts have recommended wearing emerald green clothes to attract good luck.

Source: H&M Kids

2. H&M Kids

Curating clothes for both boys and girls, H&M Kids has a wide selection of dressy looks for both formal and casual occasions. While the girls have their red dresses adorned with sequins or puffed up with tulle, the boys also have their dapper miniature suits and flannel combinations. They even have selections for Christmas Day: comfortable Christmas-themed pajamas they can open gifts in!

3. Zuri Baby Couture

When we’re in a rut on what to make our baby wear, Zuri Baby Couture offers “Instant Infant Fashion.” Although specific only for moms and their daughters, they have a wide selection of chic headbands and onesies to celebrate the cheer of the holidays. Their shop may be based in Taguig but they also have a website where moms can order from.

4. Marks and Spencer Kids

Marks and Spencer isn’t just our one-stop shop for our corporate gifts: they have a variety of holiday dresses for kids too! Both boys and girls can pick out their outfits and even match with mom and dad. The girls have different high-waist dresses with cute little prints on them while the boys have their checkered shirts and cool color (blue, dark blue, and green) onesies to welcome the Year of the Wood Dragon this 2024.

5. Great Kids PH

Available in various SM malls, Great Kids PH has a lot of dresses for our kids. Offering chic apparel for girls 2-10 years old, the styles vary between classic designs and contemporary ones that moms would love to see on their daughters grow into. Some of the dresses even come with their own headbands for that additional cuteness factor.

And for this December, they even have a new and stylish collection to help little girls melt the hearts of relatives.

Source: Periwinkle

6. Periwinkle

Periwinkle’s holiday dresses for kids really deserves its name: The Red Carpet Collection. Composed of brightly colored dresses that can even be used for other holidays, Periwinkle’s selection makes every little girl in their dresses look like she’s ready to be adored on the silver screen. They also have a breathable and dapper selection for boys too!

Source: lendele2600

7. LenDele

Although more for babies, LenDele dress clothes for both boys and girls! They have rompers, dresses, shoes, and even accessories for our babies if we want to style them for the holidays. Unfortunately, they don’t have clothes for toddlers yet but it’s perfect for babies who are still growing into the big kid clothes. While they have a website, we can also order from Shoppee or their Facebook.

Dress the kids up for fun the holidays!

With Christmas around the corner, we’re probably already coordinating outfits for the ultimate Christmas family photo. Some of us even make competitions out of it: the cutest and most coordinated family outfit wins a prize. But remember when we’re dressing up our kids or buying new clothes for them: they tend to outgrow them real fast! Get maybe a size up to make sure it can last a few more celebrations beyond Christmas.

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