Paris Hilton Mourns the Loss of Her Dog

Celebrity mom Paris Hilton mourns the loss of her 23-year-old dog — a chihuahua named Harajuku.

Watching a fur baby go is never easy. But the truth is, we, as humans, will always outlive them. For dog years are much greater than human years, Paris Hilton posted on her Instagram a farewell message to her beloved 23-year-old chihuahua, Harajuku Bitch. “She wasn’t just a pet,” writes the Hilton Hotels heiress. “She was family and a loyal companion through every twist and turn.”

“A life well-lived.”

For the next 23 years (that’s 108 dog years!), Harajuku would then be Paris Hilton’s unwavering support. “In 23 amazing years, she brought endless love, loyalty, and unforgettable moments to my life,” adds Paris. “Her journey was long, beautiful, and iconic, surrounded by love until her peaceful slumber.”

The last thing any fur parent wants to see is their fur baby in pain. But Harajuku had passed easily and peacefully, and although the pain is “indescribable,” Paris Hilton will forever cherish the paw prints the fur baby had “imprinted” in her life.

“Rest gently, sweet friend, knowing you’ll always be cherished and missed. Love and miss you eternally,” writes Paris.

Harajuku also appeared to be quite the pawshion icon just like her fur mom.

Paris Hilton with her late dog Harajuku
Photo Source: Paris Hilton Instagram Reel

Run free, Harajuku!

Fur babies know nothing but unconditional love and trust in those who care for them. They devote their entire being to that one person who gave them a better life and a warm home. Harajuku Bitch found a happy and fur-ever home with Paris Hilton, which is the next best thing to the rainbow bridge that leads to pet heaven. Run free, Harajuku!

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