Everything We Know About The Peppa Pig Theme Park: Yes, It Has Muddy Puddles!

Move over Harry Potter, Peppa Pig is going to have her own theme park, complete with muddy puddles!

We all love a good British accent and thanks to Peppa Pig and her family, our toddlers sound great. And yes, we love that she does a great job of keeping them distracted, especially when we’re busy working from home while managing crazy online learning . Here’s something we can all look forward to once we can start traveling again: the world’s first Peppa Pig theme park!

What we know so far about the Peppa Pig theme park

It’s going to be in Florida

As if we needed more good reasons to hit Florida on our next US trip — the sunshine state will be home to Peppa Pig and friends. It will be located at Legoland Florida Resort as its own standalone attraction. While there are other Peppa Pig-themed family attractions, this one is reported to be bigger and better than any out there!

There will be muddy puddles!

Yes, of course there will be muddy puddles. According to the theme park’s websites, the park will also have attractions and live shows. Yep, this means you can finally take a selfie with Peppa and the whole gang!

What can kids expect?

While we sadly can’t whisk the whole family away to Florida just yet, check out the whimsical rides on offer at Peppa Pig World at the U.K.’s Paultons Theme Park.

Meanwhile, we’ll just have to make do with Peppa Pig reruns on Netflix or YouTube, or settle down with a good board book.

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