Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark: The Modern Royals

Denmark’s Crowned Prince Frederik and Princess Mary are set to become the country’s new rulers, starting January 14.

On January 14, Denmark will usher in a new era in the Danish Royal Family as Queen Margrethe II officially steps down after 52 years. Her eldest son, Crowned Prince Frederik, and his wife, Crowned Princess Mary are then set to become the country’s new monarchs.

The announcement marks a new beginning of Danish royalty. Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark are considered modern royals—just like that of Britain’s Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales.

Here are some things to know about the royal couple and their family.

4 Facts About Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark

1. Prince Frederik is the first Danish Royal to obtain a University Degree

Prince Frederik, in several articles, has been described as the first Danish Royal to complete his university education. He graduated with a Political Science degree at Aarhus University. He also took a year of education at Harvard.

Source: detdanskekongehus Instagram

2. Princess Mary is from Australia

Formerly known as Mary Donaldson, the soon-to-be queen of Denmark has Scottish roots—but was actually born in Australia. Before meeting Prince Frederik, Mary was working as an advertising executive and in real estate, shuttling between Australia and Europe.

Source: detdanskekongehus Instagram

3. Prince Frederik met Princess Mary in a bar in Australia

During the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Frederik, along with his brother Prince Joachim and their cousins, were at Slip Inn when he met Mary. Mary did not know he was a prince back then. In a 2003 60 Minutes interview, Mary said of the meeting: “It was [perhaps] half an hour or so late that someone came up to me and said ‘Do you know who these people are?’ No, and then we found out later.”

The two were in a long-distance relationship before Mary formally moved to Denmark.

4. Prince Frederik was a royal rebel in his own right

Before meeting Mary, Frederik—like other royal kids of his time—enjoyed the good life. Dubbed in Denmark the “turbo prince,” Frederik was known for his fast life and the many women linked to him.

In an interview with AFP, Gitte Redder, an expert on the Danish Royal family, said that Frederik was simply uncomfortable with the spotlight.

The Royal Couple’s Lovely Family

Since their marriage in 2004, Frederik and Mary have been raising four children. Their eldest son—the heir to the throne—Christian will formally be known as Crowned Prince Christian of Denmark once they become king and queen.

Their other children include Princess Isabella and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.

Source: detdanskekongehus Instagram

While the couple is involved in several organizations, one of the closest to Prince Frederik’s heart is the environment. He has been active in speaking about climate change and environmental issues.

Princess Mary is also active on environmental issues as well as The Mary Foundation, which according to the Danish Royalty website is dedicated to “fighting against social isolation in three priority areas: bullying and well-being, domestic violence, and loneliness.”

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