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Princess Punzalan Recalls Her Struggles in Starting a Family

In an Instagram reel, the actress admitted she got pregnant and aborted the child at 15.

Princess Punzalan is known for being one of the Philippines’ top actresses. But like other women, she also had her struggles. In an Instagram reel posted on June 15, the actress shared that when she was 15, she got pregnant and aborted the child.

“When I was 15 I got pregnant. I had an abortion because I was afraid of my mom and because the guy wouldn’t stand up for the baby,” she shared. Princess is the daughter of the late radio broadcaster and actress Helen Vela.

She then found love at 19 and got married. She and her ex-husband tried to have a child but it didn’t happen. The marriage eventually ‘dissolved’.

Moving to the United States

Princess Punzalan eventually relocated to the United States where she is now based and happily married to Jay Field. However, they tried to get pregnant but couldn’t.

“We tried for 10 years to get pregnant. I didn’t get pregnant,” she said.

“We tried different kinds of ways to get pregnant. I didn’t—so we adopted. It was a long hard climb in finding—to finally find our match.”

That match would be their daughter, Ellie, whom Princess said she’s very grateful for.

“I am grateful that the birth mom didn’t decide to kill her because right now I am so happy with my daughter and I am grateful that she’s in my life.”

Princess opens up

This was not the first time Princess shared the story. In 2021, she shared bits of it in an interview with 700 Club Asia. At that time, she said that she struggled with the mistake she made but also knew that God forgave her.

Humingi na ako ng tawad at alam ko pinatawad na Niya ako,” she said. “I just held on to my faith that God loves me. And that he has a purpose for my life.”

Although she has shared some bits about her daughter, Princess has refrained from showing her face on her social media accounts.

In between acting projects, Princess Punzalan works at a hospital as a nurse.

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