Puddy Rock: 5 Things to Know About the Kids’ Music Channel

Musicians and couple Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro created a music channel, Puddy Rock, inspired by their two children Vito and Pancho.

Filipino kids today have so many shows to watch online. But there are those who feel that these shows could do something more like being inclusive and teaching values. Musicians and couple Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro saw the need and decided to make Puddy Rock. It’s a music channel that was born out of inspiration from their sons Pancho and Vito.

puddy rock

Curious what the show is about? Read to find out.

Pancho and Vito are the reason for the creation of Puddy Rock

In a behind-the-scenes video posted last August, Jim shared how he got inspired by Pancho and Vito in creating the music for Puddy Rock. He said that he wanted to make music that his kids can listen to while on a road trip. Thus, the idea for Puddy Rock came.

The songs are in different languages

If you browse Puddy Rock’s channel, you’ll notice that they have songs in Filipino, English, and Bisaya. They even have videos with sign language and how to draw the characters.

The channel is composed of original music and nursery rhymes that kids can listen to with a different take of course.

In an Instagram post, Saab wrote of the project: “Inclusivity is at the heart of this channel and I’m extra excited about the Tagalog, Bisaya, and even Sign Language versions of our songs!!”

The story behind the Puddy name

In an interview with She Talks Asia, Saab shared the reason behind the name of the music channel. She mentioned that when they were developing the characters of the show, they wanted it to be cool and happy.

“‘Puddy’ is one of the millions of nicknames we call Pancho and as a child with cerebral palsy, some of the characters are inspired by him. Vito’s personality is also reflected in many of the characters,” she said.

puddy rock

Working with friends

Aside from Jim and Saab, the people involved in the creation of Puddy Rock are close to the family. They partnered up with artist Rob Cham and Linya-Linya.

puddy rock

Feedback and research

Since Puddy Rock came out, a number of parents have written thank you messages to them, saying that the show was a big help to their kids. In an interview with Bandwagon, Jim mentioned Saab’s involvement when it comes to educating their children, saying that when he creates something for Puddy Rock, he clears it with her.

He also mentioned that they made sure to incorporate the lessons they got from the boys. Some of these include Pancho’s therapy and Vito’s learnings to put them in the songs.

A different type of learning

Music is a big help to children in their growth. We might not be able to stop them from watching shows online but we can help them choose what to watch. Thus, Puddy Rock is something worth checking out and they will definitely learn from the cute animals who serve as friends.

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