5 Reasons Why Journaling is a Therapy for the Soul

Have you ever found yourself frustrated and wanting to express it in another way? Journaling can actually help!

We all go through different emotions and there are instances you might want to vent out the feeling. Some scream it out, exercise, or eat a lot. But there are others who express it through writing and one of them is through journaling.

Journaling or as some call it the Dear Diary moment is a way of chronicling or writing events happening around you. It has become a go-to for therapy—most especially for those who cannot vent out because they are afraid to say it out loud.

Writing down in a journal has actually helped a lot of people and is a way of sharing thoughts as well. Here are some reasons why journaling is actually a therapy for the soul.

You become self-aware of the things around you

In an era where everything is online and you can write or blog about it, journaling gives you the opportunity to express all that pent-up emotions without being afraid or criticized.

During a workshop conducted by the online store Looking for Juan (LFJ) focused on writing and sound, psychologist Meg Yarcia explained why journaling is a good way to pause and think.

“Journaling is one way to find a still point in a world that’s always turning,” Yarcia said.


You actually get more inspired

Writing down thoughts actually does not only express your feelings. It actually inspires you also. They say that if you write down your thoughts, you are more energetic to express and work on ideas that you have in mind.

Manifesting your hopes and dreams

We have often been asked what our dreams and hopes are. Journaling not only chronicles things around you but can make things happen for you because writing them down is a stepping stone to the path you want.


Journaling reduces stress and anxiety

Not all friends will understand your stress and problems. Writing them down relieves you of the pain, stress, and anxiety you’re going through. It helps you release everything and once you read back, you’ll realize what you went through.

Aside from relieving stress and anxiety, it also gives you time away from the hustle of life by just sitting in a corner and writing everything that happened to you. Years from now, you can read it again tell it to your future kids and relatives.

Journaling helps in facilitating your overall growth

There will be times when you will forget to write things down. But if you look back by reading the entries in your journal, you’ll realize the changes you went through and the experiences that went by. There will be times you’ll recall the moments you’ve written and realize the progress you made in becoming the person you are meant to be.

Take time to reflect

Writing is not just about expressing yourself. It gives you the opportunity to reflect and meditate if you want to be alone. It’s never too late to start journaling. So pick up that pen and buy a journal just like those from Looking for Juan, with proceeds going to books for disadvantaged kids.

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