4 Reasons Why Wonka Is A Must Watch By Kids

Timothèe Chalamet takes on a beloved character and kids can relate to it!

When we heard another Wonka movie would be made, some of us scratched our heads. After all, two movies based on Willy Wonka have been made. But Wonka, starring Timothèe Chalamet made it clear that it would have a different touch. Sure, there’s that musical aspect but the lessons from life are there. Here are just some of them.

Dreams do come true

Willy dreamed of selling the best chocolate his mom made. There will be hindrances along the way but his determination showed that despite the odds, it can happen. It also helps he has friends led by Noodle to support him in his endevour.

A mom’s love will always be there no matter what

Love or hate her, our moms play a big influence in life. For Willy Wonka, his mom’s dream made him pursue making the best chocolate. Although she died before he could pursue his dream, she taught him two things – her love will always be there and that the best ingredient for a chocolate is the people your share with.

You have to believe in yourself

Sometimes some problems will doubt our confidence. Willy was willing to give up chocolate-making to save Noodle and his friends. But thanks to a friend (aka Oompa-Loompa), Willy went back and saved his friends. He also pursued his dream to finally put up what would become his chocolate factory. Hence, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

There is nothing wrong with being a kid at heart

As parents or adults, we tend to set aside the kid in us to take care of other things. But Wonka just showed that even in an adult body, we can still be a kid. We can dream, and we taste food for the first time. We can dream and hold on to that dream. Most of all, being a kid at heart makes us see the magic again, the innocence, and just enjoy life.

Let your kid be a kid

While schoolwork is still a priority, your kid must enjoy life. Let them experience things and if it means eating some chocolate, do it. After all, they can only be a kid once.

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