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Roselle Nava’s Songs Live On Among Millennials and Gen Zs

Roselle Nava rose to fame in the 90s. Although she has been doing a few appearances to concentrate on her family, her music remains timeless.

If you were a kid or teen growing up in the 90s, chances are you know Roselle Nava. Roselle, whose career started on Ang TV, emerged as one of the most iconic singers of her time. She appears in movies and on the Sunday variety show ASAP.

Her songs from her first album remain a big hit among today’s generation. In fact, Gigi de Lana’s version of “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita” went viral and made her famous.

Roselle Nava
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Roselle on kids loving her songs today: I’m so happy

In an interview with Philstar during the press conference for a concert last February, Roselle said that she’s flattered many of today’s millennials and Gen Z kids still appreciate the songs she performed.

“Nakakatuwa nga e. Marami akong nami-meet na matanda, bata, at alam pa rin nila ‘yung kantang ‘Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita.’ I’m so fortunate kasi through the years, hindi nila nakakalimutan si Roselle Nava dahil sa mga awitin kagaya ng ‘Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita,’ ‘Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita’,” she said.

The singer, who revived Basil Valdez’s “You,” also pointed out that since Filipinos love to sing, she’s just glad that they still love her music. “I feel very blessed.”

In a separate interview with ABS-CBN, Roselle shared that despite being semi-active, she’s just happy her music continues to be enjoyed. In fact, she recalled one parent she met and mentioned “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita.”

“One time, I was with a co-parent and her son is 8 years old but he knows my song, ‘Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita.’ That was so heartwarming. I’m really, really glad there are good singers who have been reviving my songs lately.”

Family life and politics

For a time, Roselle was in politics, serving as a councilor in Parañaque. Speaking to ABS-CBN, Roselle mentioned that some people have urged her to try for a higher position but she opted not to so she can spend more time with her family.

“I believe that in the 9 years that I served our city, my performance turned out to be okay,” she said. Her husband is currently a councilor in Parañaque.

Roselle, who is a mom to two boys, shared that she would have had three children but lost one due to a miscarriage. Her son Rafa is currently part of the Voice Kids Philippines under Martin Nievera’s team.

On her decision to focus on her family, Roselle answered: “At the ages of my children now, they really need to be guided. My sons are very, very good boys. Whatever we ask them to do, they always obey.”

Roselle Nava with her family
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Prior to her son Rafa’s stint, she already hinted about how good he sings. “I believe that Rafa sings better when he was my age. I’m hoping that he will also find his passion for music.”

Moreover, she won’t stop any of her kids from getting into showbiz. “I am open to my children trying it out in showbiz. It really depends on them. If they like, I will support them. If they don’t, I will not force them.”

Proud mom

As Rafa enters the next round of competition, Roselle shared during the Voice Philippines telecast one reminder she tells him when it comes to singing.

“Hindi naman kailangan perfect lahat ng tono,” she advised. “But the emotion should be real and should be felt by your audience. So in every song that you do, it should be felt from the heart.”

Want to hear some of Roselle’s hits? Check out the list below and why she’s timeless.

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