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Ruffa Gutierrez Formally Graduates from College

Ruffa Gutierrez will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from Philippine Women’s University.

Actress, beauty queen, and mother of two Ruffa Gutierrez is graduating next week! Her determination to finish school has definitely paid off. On Tuesday, August 23, the It’s Showtime judge shared that she will formally march as a graduating student.

“I humbly want to share that I have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from the Philippine Women’s University under the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP).” Ruffa posted while sharing a photo of her graduation picture on Instagram. “I am now gearing up for PWU’s 99th Commencement Exercises at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) next week.”

The mother of Lorin and Venice continued: “I would not have been able to successfully embark on my educational journey without the continuous guidance of PWU‘s ETEEAP team of professionals and the immeasurable support of my loved ones.”

Pursuing higher studies

Ruffa also shared that after getting her bachelor’s degree, she will pursue a Master’s Degree from the same school.

“Because of my enduring commitment to seeking knowledge and equipping myself with new skills that will help me prosper and fulfill my dreams in the ever-changing global scene, I also proudly share with you that I am officially an MA-ComArts student at PWU. The journey continues – unstoppable!”

Back in 2021, Ruffa decided to go back to school. In fact, this step wasn’t only for herself. She did it to be a role model to her two daughters, too.

“After 34 years of working in the entertainment industry, I have chosen to further my education. Not only do I want to fulfill a long-held dream and take control of the next chapter of my life. But I also want to set a good example for my children,” she wrote.

Congratulations, Ruffa! You just showed parents that learning really never stops.

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