Shamcey Supsup, Winwyn Marquez, and Francesca Taruc: Slaying as Queens and Moms

From different times and walks of motherhood, Shamcey Supsup, Winwyn Marquez, and Francesca Taruc show how to slay as moms and as queens.

Winwyn Marquez, Shamcey Supsup, and Francesca Taruc
All three ladies in Dona Lim
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When beauty queens Shamcey Supsup, Winwyn Marquez, and Francesca Taruc graced the walkways, all eyes focused on them. Many knew them as the standards for Philippine beauty, but not all know that their beauty was furthered by their experiences with motherhood. Even during the Modern Parenting cover shoot, these moms found their tribe in one another as Winwyn Marquez and Shamcey Supsup gladly offered advice and help to the new mom, Francesca Taruc. Motherhood is an experience filled with victories and struggles, but these three ladies slay the role of a queen and of a mother.

The “Dragons” in Motherhood

Winwyn Marquez, Shamcey Supsup, and Francesca Taruc
All three ladies in Dona Lim
Accessories by The Closet Culture

When there are queens, there are dragons. Although not the fire-breathing kind, they’re the ones that speak with their inner voices and challenge their abilities as moms. It becomes especially loud when Shamcey tries to pass the traditional values to her children, but with a more modern approach. “I think that’s the challenge both Lloyd and I have. Back then, we were raised to be obedient and respectful, which is good,” she wrinkles her nose at the thought. “But we’re still looking for ways how to do it when certain traditional approaches aren’t acceptable anymore.”

And if it’s not how to parent, it’s when time doesn’t seem to be enough. “I’m so honest that I really don’t know how to balance my time,” Winwyn laughs sheepishly. “Like I have no idea how to fix my schedule. But I know one thing: Luna’s my priority.”

However, it’s also the same fire that pushes a single mom like Francesca to forgive and eventually find the best arrangement for her son. “Having Ethan made me see how strong and forgiving I was. When I first saw Ethan, I didn’t want him to grow up without his dad. So it wasn’t even a week when I showed Ethan to his dad,” Francesca gives a smile of nostalgic pride. “I didn’t want my baby to grow up in a ‘broken family’.”

So long as it’s for their babies, they’d do anything. But how does one balance that motherly devotion when there’s a duty to redefine and empower in today’s time?

Redefining Empowerment as Queen Moms

Winwyn Marquez, Shamcey Supsup, and Francesca Taruc
Francesca in Zara
Shamcey in Banana Republic & belt by Zara
Winwyn in Jonthan Simkhai available at Rustan’s Makati
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The definition of empowerment has taken a lot of twists and turns, making it a little more confusing for many on how to do it. Winwyn perfectly summarizes what empowerment at least should be. “I want women not to bring other women down. It’s easy to be blinded by the glitz and glam, but we need to be more aware of that. I hope that [women bringing down other women] changes.”

Women are not the only ones who need to understand what empowerment is. It’s also for men which Shamcey, an architect, points out and finds no joy in the gender constraints society has placed on the arts. “I’d like to think that empowerment should work both ways. Everyone should be given the chance to pursue what they want — equal opportunities, and no discrimination. If men want to pursue a career in the arts, go ahead. The arts are not just for women.”

The most important part about redefining empowerment, however, is how authentic one is. “There’s a difference when you learn from someone who’s more authentic,” Francesca explains. “But empowerment is not just for us, it’s also using that same empowerment and influence to help others.”

Unfortunately, the usual question that follows the definition is the ever mind-boggling: How?

Empowerment Through Experience

Winwyn Marquez, Shamcey Supsup, and Francesca Taruc
Francesca in Aje
Shamcey in Jonathan Simkhai available at Rustan’s Makati
Wynwin in Jonathan Simkhai available at Rustan’s Makati
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The duty to empower is one thing that both a mom and a queen have in common. But what matters more is how one empowers others. And for Winwyn, sharing her authentic MOMents with Luna on her vlog fulfills her, knowing she is empowering other new moms out there. “I am very generous in showing my life with Luna. When I post my vlogs, a lot of moms are messaging me on what I do and if I have tips for them,” she smiles.

For the many working moms who suffer mum guilt, Shamcey offers the silver lining found in the stressful working mom life. “My mom was always strict with me even though she was working abroad. But I didn’t feel neglected; rather, I felt inspired. She was good at her job and devoted to the family. As a working mom, I hope to empower my kids the same way that moms can be bosses, too.”

But when single moms see that there are ways to forgive without betraying themselves and give the life their kids deserve, it’s Francesca’s story they’ll find hope in especially when they feel like their dreams will forever stay a dream. “There are times I couldn’t fully watch the Bb. Pilipinas events because I would cry, knowing that could’ve been me up there. But I also know I wouldn’t have been able to compete either, knowing I chose my dream over the life of my baby. Sometimes, life is unfair, but it’s harder to live when you’re just so angry and filled with hate. You can still make choices and you can control how you react to things.”

The Beauty of Empowering Other Mothers

Francesca in Zara
Shamcey in Banana Republic and a belt by Zara
Wynwin in Jonathan Simkhai available at Rustan’s Makati
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There’s a refreshing beauty in watching moms empower other moms, especially witnessing these three interact firsthand. From their quiet and supportive chats during the photoshoot to their laughing along because of some bloopers during the video recording, Shamcey Supsup, Winwyn Marquez, and Francesca Taruc are proof that there are more to moms than having children. From the way they rise to challenges and own their life experiences, moms are definitely queens!

Art Direction MARC YELLOW
Shoot Coordination ANTHONY MENDOZA

Shot on location at RIZAL PARK HOTEL

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