Doggyland Puts a Spin on Children’s Classic Songs

Rapper Snoop Dogg co-creates Doggyland, a 3D animated series available on YouTube which gives a twist to children’s songs and nursery rhymes.

Parents are always on the lookout for shows that their kids can watch. Thanks to online creators, there are more choices that they can look at. Shows like Cocomelon, Pinkfong, Blippi, and Songs for Littles have dominated online and more artists are penetrating children’s shows. Rapper Snoop Dogg is the latest personality to enter children’s television creation. Last August, Snoop Dogg alongside October London and Claude Brooks, Executive Producer of Hip Hop Harry, launched Doggyland, a 3D animated series that puts twists on children’s classic songs and stories.

What is Doggyland?

Doggyland is a 3D animated series from the point of view of five dogs. They talk about things kids often ask and put a spin on songs such as “Wheels on the Bus,” and nursery rhymes.

“Dogglyand to me would be a 3D animated cartoon series designed for kids,” Snoop Dogg said in a video last August 23. Initially targeting pre-school kids, the show is for kids of all ages because of its education and influence.

The show has five characters: Bow Wizzle, Wags, Yap Yap, Chow Wow, and Barks A Lot. Snoop lends his voice to Bow Wizzle.

“He’s the big brother, mentor, looks after all the young pups. Great director, great singer, and most of all he’s a phenomenal rapper,” Snoop said of Bow Wizzle.

The rapper believes that Doggyland allows kids to be themselves for who they are. “That’s what their characters represent – diversity. So that kids can learn to love each other from the beginning.”

As of September, Doggyland has released eight clips and three short videos.

Merchandise and music

Although Doggyland is new in children’s television, it already started marketing some products. A t-shirt is now available for sale and you can buy an album, too. In addition, songs used in the show are available for streaming through Spotify and Apple.

For Snoop, the creation of Doggyland is by far one of the best things for him, being a parent and a grandparent in real life.

“I felt like Doggyland is one of the greatest things to ever be created because me personally having kids and having grandkids, and having a football league and being able to be around so many different kids, I know what they go through,” he said.

“And remember this. I’m probably the biggest kid you’ll ever meet,” Snoop finished.

Aside from nursery rhymes and songs, Doggyland also tackles children’s feelings. Check out more about Doggyland on their website.

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