Sweet Moments Of Celebrity Kids Being Loving Siblings

Many siblings have a heated rivalry but these celebrity kids being loving siblings are so heartwarming.

There’s no telling how your kids will accept their new sibling. Parents will often notice the older kids acting out, throwing more tantrums, and misbehaving. The only time they all look like they’re getting along is when they’re asked to take a candid photo. But some celebrity parents caught some cute and sneaky snaps of their kids being loving siblings to the newest additions to their family, showing that there is a way for older children to adjust well to having a new sibling.

Leia and Luch Godinez-Valenciano

Leia and Luch Valenciano
Leia and Luch on the bed
Source: Paolo Valenciano Instagram

Unfortunately, Paolo Valenciano’s phone could detect how tired he was from editing vlogs and videos from YouTube. And although it ran out of file space, the celebrity dad managed to catch a snap of his kids bonding with Leia being a caring older sister to her new brother, Luch. “There are these precious moments where I wish I just kept the camera rolling (naubusan ako ng storage huhu),” he writes, bemoaning the lack of file space. “Ate Leia being an ate.”

Olivia and Amelia Manzano-Reyes with Esmerelda Lucia

It’s clear that Olivia and Amelia are loving #sistows to the newest princess of the Manzano-Reyes family: Esmerelda Lucia. GP Reyes even took a few snaps of a letter that the eldest, Olivia, wrote for her youngest sister. Amelia was also caught relishing every moment of being an ate.

Cover of Olivia's letter to Esmerelda
Cover of Olivia’s letter to Esmerelda
Source: GP Reyes Instagram
Contents of Olivia's letter to Esmerelda
Contents of Olivia’s letter to Esmerelda
Source: GP Reyes Instagram

Thylane and Maëlys Heusaff-Bolzico

Source: Solenn Heusaff Instagram

Celebrity mom Solenn Heusaff caught a heartwarming moment where she “teared up” at the interaction between her two daughters, TiliBolz and Maëlys. It’s a moment that Solenn would keep forever with her.

Pancho and Vito Magalona-Bacarro

Source: Jim Bacarro Instagram

“When you express love in front of your children, they learn to express love as well,” writes content creator mom Saab Magalona when she recorded a sweet interaction between the two brothers: Pancho and Vito with Jim Bacarro helping Pancho with his motor skills. The celebrity parents have been quite vocal on their podcast about making a future that’s more inclusive for kids like Pancho while making sure the two siblings grow up in love and empathy.

Eliam and Eleanor Pring-Triviño

Source: Joyce Pring Instagram

The birth of Agnes Eleanor marked the start of Joyce Pring’s journey into her 30s. But it’s been a wholesome and heartwarming one for the celebrity mom as she watched the two siblings bonding on the bed. She reminisced that all the challenges she had gone through were certainly a “learning experience” that helped her appreciate the moment.

Pepe and Pilar Sanchez-Roxas

Celebrity kids Pepe and Pilar Sanchez-Roxas celebrate their first trip as siblings to Japan
Source: Korina Sanchez Instagram

It’s double the fun when it comes to the twins: Pepe and Pilar! Wherever one goes, so does the other — this holds true as they celebrated one of their firsts together: their first trip to Japan!

Yohan, Luis, and Luna Santos-Agoncillo

Celebrity siblings Yohan, Luis, and Luna: kids of the Santos-Agoncillo family
Source: Ryan Agoncillo Instagram

A shutterbug at heart, celebrity dad Ryan Agoncillo will certainly not miss out on the moment when the three kids of the Santos-Agoncillo family share a bonding moment as siblings. He sneaked a snap of Luis and Yohan helping their sister, Luna, put on her sportswear.

Celebrity kids and their siblings are proof that there are moments of calm.

Parents with more than one child often “embrace the chaos” when the siblings fight each other. But these celebrity kids spending time with their siblings is a sweet moment that reassures their parents that when they’re gone, their kids won’t be alone. They will have each other.

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