Teaching Girls to Be Strong and Assertive is Not the Same as Being Rude

Girls should be reminded that they are strong and capable. And that they can use their voice to change the world for the better.

Modern parents with daughters know and understand how crucial it is to raise strong girls. Doing so helps break stigmas, stereotypes, and inequalities that stand in their way. Moreover, it helps create a better and safer place for them to thrive. This is why teaching girls to use a strong and assertive voice should not be seen as rude.

raising strong girls

It teaches them confidence

Confidence is important, especially in young girls. This allows them to accept themselves and grow even further. Instead of feeling insecure about their bodies, for example, it teaches them to be grateful for what their bodies can do!

It teaches them to reflect

As parents, we want our little girls to feel they are loved unconditionally. And that we’re here to support them but not solve all their problems for them.

raising strong girls

It teaches them to lead

In a society that often sees bossy girls as negative, we want our strong girls to know that their leadership is a gift. We want them to learn how to use this gift in a way that serves her and others well.

It teaches them to empower others

We’ve all heard the saying that real queens fix each other’s crowns. Strong girls uplift each other and talk about other people with respect.

raising strong girls

Here’s to all parents trying to raise strong girls!

At the end of the day, we don’t want our little girls to just stand by while letting others walk all over them. Our strong girls should always be reminded of the power that their voice holds.

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