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The 5 Must-Haves in Every New Dad Starter Kit

Every new dad needs a starter kit to help them adjust to being a dad.

Being a new dad is an overwhelming and, joyous event for any aspiring family man. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t doubt themselves. Sometimes, they’ll feel that they’ll be too rough on the baby. They also feel that they might constantly scare their child instead. Their fears are very similar to every new mother: what if my kid hates me? What if I hurt them without realizing it? It’s why we came up with a list on what to put in a starter kit for every first-time dad out there, especially in this new normal.

Gilette Shaver

We know babies have smooth skin and they’re definitely going to start wailing their heads off the moment they get pricked by daddy’s prickly beard! Getting dad a shaver reminds him that even though he doesn’t go out, that’s no excuse to not clean up. Besides if he wants to squish the baby because they’re so cute, he’ll want to keep his beard and side-burns in check with a Gilette Shaver which you can easily buy in Watsons or near the cashiers in any supermarket.

Safeguard Soap (Bar/Liquid)

Dad or not — he can’t go touching the baby with his dirty hands! Especially with COVID going around, we can’t take any chances. Besides, we don’t want the baby to get sick, not with the virus floating everywhere and with the baby not being completely vaccinated yet! While waiting for the vaccine to roll out, we have to be extra careful. We’ll need to arm every bathroom, every sink in the house, and dad with some Safeguard to keep Corona where we want her: out of the house!

Keep your family safe during this pandemic by just requesting a courier service to buy Safeguard from your nearest supermarket.

Old Spice

With the Philippines being in perpetual BBQ, dad’s going to need Old Spice to keep him smelling nice. Especially in this heat, who wants to go around smelling like sweat all day? Dad may be used to the sticky smell of heat, grease, and grime from work, but the baby and we are not. And if he’s going to play with the baby, we’re going to need him smelling like a Legendaddy and not a trashcan. There should be some lying around in Watsons if he needs a refill.

Dolo Neurobion

Building cribs, carrying all the boxes, carrying all the groceries — dad’s back must be aching by now! And if dad’s back is aching, no way is he going to have fun spending time with the baby except maybe as a trampoline. Which is why, painkillers like Dolo Neurobion are a must-have in every new dad starter pack. That way, if his back starts to bug him when he’s trying to help out with the baby, he can take a painkiller and keep on going until he and the baby are both snoozing on the couch.

Oh and before you head out to refill his stock of Dolo Neurobion from Mercury Drug or Watsons, take a quick, cute snapshot of them snoozing away! It’s a shot that’s just too cute to ignore.


Every baby needs diapers, and it’s good that dad learns how to change them too. Especially in this heat and to avoid rashes, babies need diapers that let their skin breathe. Otherwise, that’s just a recipe for extra money spent on more diapers, powder, wipes, and skin cream if they get rashes. We can totally bet you that after he’s doing changing, they’ll start doing the #AirconPampersChacha on Tiktok.

Happy Father’s Day to our First-Time Dads!

Any first-time dad would be intimidated especially since there’s no manual on how to dad. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help our new dads adjust to this new chapter in their lives. Besides, if it takes two to make a baby then, it will also take two to take care of one. So for this Father’s Day, we’re going to help our dads feel more involved than ever in being a father to their new baby.

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