The DC League of Super-Pets: How Our Pets Love Us Unconditionally

When the Justice League is down, who do they call? It’s the DC League of Super-Pets!

We know that the Justice League addresses all kinds of evil—from the intricate and complex plans of Lex Luthor to the apocalyptic plans of Darkseid. But how are the Justice League beyond their crime-fighting careers? Who better to tell us than the DC League of Super-Pets who deal with their super-powered owners even when they hang the crime-fighting up for the day in the modern city of Metropolis.

Loving Unconditionally

Nothing gets between a superman and his super-dog. From crimefighting to throwing the Chewy Bruce across the lawn to play fetch, nothing seems to get in between them except Lois Lane. Superdog, also known as Krypto, fears being replaced. But he puts it aside when an orange kryptonite-enhanced guinea pig named Lulu kidnaps Superman and weakens them with kryptonite.

Despite his weakened state, Krypto gathers a band of shelter animals who also have been enhanced by the orange kryptonite. There’s the disillusioned and indestructible Pitbull named Ace, PB the Potbellied Pig who can manipulate her size, Merton Mcsnurtle the Tortoise who inherits super speed, and finally, an electricity-wielding squirrel named Chip. Although it’s makeshift, the group heads off to save Superman.

The movie also enlightens us on how pets feel when they come across new people. Krypto believed he was being replaced and it disheartened him. But Ace reminds him what pets do. They love unconditionally, leading Krypto to continue his attempt to save his beloved furparent.

Heartwarming, Good For Kids, But Enjoyable for Parents, Too!

Even though it’s a kids’ movie, The DC League of Super-Pets’ pacing and jokes make it fun for the parents to watch. It plays on various jokes regarding the Justice League. Like Batman being too edgy or Aquaman being one of the ‘more forgettable heroes’. All the while enlightening families everywhere about the truth about animals. Nonetheless, it’s a light-hearted movie worth catching and getting a good laugh.

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