The Jonas Brothers Channeled Their Girl-Dad Personas in This Bluey Collab

As dads themselves, the Jonas Brothers gave Australian concertgoers and their families quite the treat with their Bluey-inspired intro.

Despite being on tour, the pop-rock band Jonas Brothers showed that they’re still in touch with their sides as dads as they played an intro inspired by the Australian cartoon Bluey. They also posted the intro on their TikTok, captioning it with, “the collab you never knew you needed 🩵.” When they also tagged the official Bluey account, the latter responded with, “Iconic 💙.”

The TikTok video has been shared over 18,700 times and has over 715,000 likes.

Source: Jonas Brothers TikTok

They’re rocking the dad life!

Millennial parents will recall a time that their favorite pop boy bands went on hiatus, ushering in the era of rock’s subcategories like pop rock, alternative, and nu-metal. Besides Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, and Panic! At The Disco, the Jonas Brothers gained popularity with their biggest hit song “Sucker.” That then made room for their other songs such as “When You Look Me In The Eyes,” “Kids in America,” and “Burnin’ Up,” to catapult them into fame.

However, we’ll remember that the boys had a short acting stint also in the Disney movie series, Camp Rock. And although they faded out for a while, they returned back with a new persona. Besides being a rocker, they became dads.

And for this collaboration, their fans applauded them for channeling their being girl-dads. Moms, who were also fans of the Jonas Brothers, gushed over the collaboration with Bluey.

“My daughter would lose it! Two of her favorite things in the world: [the] Jonas Brothers and Bluey! I can’t wait to show her this 💕🥰🔥,” wrote one user.

Another user wrote, “First the kids came running at the sound of the Bluey song, then Mum came running at the sound of Jonas! 😂”

The collaboration that parents never knew they needed

Besides the Jonas Brothers having a special place in moms’ hearts, Bluey has a special place in kids’ hearts. The Australian cartoon had been praised for challenging gender norms with subtle executions such as swapping of colors (e.g. Bluey being a girl but being color blue) and also modeling to families how to tackle emotionally-charged topics (e.g. big feelings, feeling bad, and even postpartum for moms).

And with the Jonas Brothers paying tribute to the song, it’s a short feels-good moment for parents with a hectic day. Considering that the Jonas Brothers just held a concert in Manila last February 22, 2024, it looks like they’re still ready to rock on as dads.

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