The Story of Sparkella: How Being Locked In His Daughter’s Room Inspired Channing Tatum

The inspiration for him to write Sparkella came from the pandemic when Channing Tatum locked himself inside his daughter’s room.

Stereotypically, boys and men post more about robots and cars. But during quarantine, celebrity dad Channing Tatum revealed how the experience was weird for him. In a tweet, he revealed how being “stuck in his daughter’s room” helped him get in touch with the “little girl in him” to write Sparkella.

Being a Supportive Girl Dad

Co-parenting together with Jenna, Channing Tatum perhaps wanted to make sure that his daughter could really feel his support. The One and Only Sparkella soon hit the shelves in Barnes and Noble, becoming a big hit as a picture book. Now, it even has a second book coming! Additionally, he tweeted that Evie was really his biggest inspiration for writing the book.

Did we forget that Sparkella’s about to have a live-action, too? Pamela Ribon, the same person who brought Ralph Breaks The Internet and Moana to life, will be in charge of the production!

Teaching Girls How To Sparkle with The One and Only Sparkella

Sometimes, our daughters can be afraid to stand out because of how quick people are to point out she’s disturbing the status quo. But just like how The One and Only Sparkella has her dad to back her up, sometimes, it’s going take both mom and dad to help our kids— whether son or daughter—to shine. Sparkella is currently available on the website:

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