It’s Time to End Breast Cancer for Every Woman AND Man

Estee Lauder Companies unite to fuel and advance the research as it is #TimeToEndBreastCancer.

Breast Cancer, one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers, leaves many scars on its survivors. Most of them are moms. From mastectomies to a renewed zest and appreciation for life, many women have shared their stories against this. As Estee Lauder waves the banner with the campaign Time To End Breast Cancer, it reveals that women are not the only ones to benefit from the advancements. Men benefit from the research as well!

Wait — men can get breast cancer, too?

Because many believe that breast cancer is for women only, men have a 19% higher mortality rate than women. Men often ignore the symptoms until they reach the terminal stage, forced to cope with the reality in a much more rushed state than women. Although it’s improved, it still hasn’t reached the point where men can be open about it like women.

What’s the latest news about the research?

For the last 30 years, Estee Lauder has fueled studies in the following fields:

  • Finding more treatments beyond chemotherapy. Currently, immunology has a lot of advancements as a form of alternative treatment for chemotherapy.
  • Creating more facilities in places that have little to no access to breast cancer treatment.
  • Creating and improving the methods in detecting the markers for the aggressive or malignant form of cancer in both the blood and the tumors.
  • Building an environment to make young women more aware and less ashamed or hesitant to learn about cancer.

Estee Lauder: “It’s Time To End Breast Cancer”

Too many stories have been told of this common cancer being a harrowing experience. The grief, the horror, and the inability to choose whether to fight or not is an emotional rollercoaster. But with Estee Lauder funding the research projects with the money made from their products, breast cancer will eventually become a disease that can be cured. It’s #TimeToEndBreastCancer!

For more details, check out their campaign at ELCompanies.com/BreastCancerCampaign.

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