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Trolls Band Together Movie Brings Back Our Fan Girl and Boy Moments

Poppy and Branch return for another adventure in Trolls Band Together as they search for Branch’s bandmates.

Parents at one point have gone through a fan girl or fan boy stage and up to now, many still have those moments when they watch their favorite groups. This is what the movie Trolls Band Together shows, especially for those who grew up with boy bands in different eras.

We know that Poppy and Branch have been through some adventure in the last two films. This film, which has the elements of music (after all, Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick voice Poppy and Branch) also tackles brotherhood and sisterhood.

A reunion for Branch and his bandmates

Branch and Poppy were attending a wedding when, John Floyd, one of Branch’s bandmates from BroZone appeared. Branch wasn’t please knowing how the band he used to be a part of disbanded and left him. Poppy meanwhile could not believe Branch didn’t tell her he was part of BroZone. John Floyd convinces Branch to come with him as their bandmate Floyd is in danger and that they must get the other members – Clay, and Spruce together. Despite some hesitation, Branch says yes and he and Poppy went off on an adventure along with Tiny Diamond.

Meanwhile, Floyd finds himself held captive by rising singing sensations Velvet and Veneer who are also siblings. It’s then discovered that the siblings hatched the plan of leaving a letter to John Dory that Floyd was in danger as they want to use the harmony and melody the BroZone has as a group.

Trolls Band Together Movie Brings Back Our Fan Girl and Boy Moments

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

The film isn’t just about music, it’s also about family. Branch finds himself reuniting with his bandmates and making amends with them to save Floyd. Poppy on the other hand longed for a sister and was surprised to find out that she has one – Viva.

But Poppy and Viva’s relationship is tested when Viva convinces Poppy to stay with her because of her fears outside of the world she created. Poppy decides otherwise and embarks in helping Branch rescue Floyd.

Meanwhile, Floyd tries to convince Veneer to stop following Velvet’s sinister plans. Veneer, scared of his sister and losing the fame, still continues to do his sister’s orders despite his conscience.

In the end, the brotherhood and sisterhood wins with Veneer also declaring they were frauds and sent to jail.

Boy band feels

Since the film touches on a boy band, Trolls Band Together definitely gave the boy band feels. From giving new life to songs from previous groups and mentioning them in the film, it’s worth sharing that NSYNC reunited to voice the group Kismet and produced the song “Better Place.”

The film was definitely a return to the groups parents and even kids are knowing about. Trolls Band Together is not just about fan girling and fan boying but also nostalgia.

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