Unique Filipino Names for Boys

Trying to find unique Filipino names for baby boys? Here are a few that might tickle your fancy!

Unfortunately, some Filipino baby boy names are getting a little too common for our liking. At some point, there are too many Miguels, Johns, and there’s Juan in every corner we look! Although it makes sense because of traditions, it will get annoying later on especially when the boys grow up and apply for work, only to get a hit on the NBI because there are so many Miguels and Juans in the Philippines. So, here are some unique Filipino baby boy names.

Unique Filipino Names for Boys


The Spanish and Galician variant of the name Dalmatius, Dalmatio is also widely accepted in Cebuano as a possible Filipino baby boy name. It has a regal feel to it for his namesake was also the nephew of Emperor Constantine the Great. He worked as a Censor during the time and was responsible for keeping the eastern borders of the empire safe.


A Tagalog word that means “tornado” or “cyclone,” this is a perfect fit for a baby boy who’s really going to change the family’s life. Most especially if he’s quite an energetic baby, he’s going to be the epitome of a tornado or cyclone in the house!


Derived from the Spanish name Isidore, the name Ising pays tribute to the Egyptian Goddess, Isis. From its Greek and Spanish roots, Ising means “Gift of Isis.”


A Maranao version of the Arabic word Malik which means “king” in its original language. For those who are NBA fans and fans of the Milwaukee Bucks, Malik is also the name of their point guard: Malik Beasley. Malik is also the last name of One Direction’s Zayn.


A name from the north, Sadire is the Filipino baby boy name — particularly from Ilocos — that means “pure.”


Derived from the Latin name Sofronius, this Filipino-Spanish baby boy name pays tribute to Saint Sophronius, a patriarch in Jerusalem in the 7th century. He was also known as Sophronius the Sophist, famed for his negotiation skills. Moreover, as a courageous leader, he played a role in sorting out the documents that spoke about the essential nature of Jesus Christ.


Agapito is a Filipino baby boy name that means “sweet.” Most parents who name their son Agapito often nickname their son “Pitoy.” It’s a cute breath of fresh air from the usual strong, masculine names.


Crisanto, when translated into Tagalog, means “Christ.” But in other languages, Crisanto also means “Golden Flower.” And yes, you guessed it: the name shares the same origin as the flower: Chrysanthemum!


For those who want to honor the “Hero of Tirad Pass,” Gregorio was the name of the late and famous General Gregorio Del Pilar. It’s a name that sings of loyalty and steadfastness, showing dedication to one’s country. For a nickname, you can go with “Goyo” or “Goryo.”

Unique Filipino Names for Boys

Other Unique Filipino Baby Boy Names

When choosing a name for a baby boy, we actually have a whole selection of angels, kings, warriors, and famous people to choose from. Here are some other names to pick:

  • Dante – If you’re a fan of Literature, Dante is a pretty cool name to give a baby boy. It’s a Latin name that means “steadfast, unwavering, and loyal.” Your son will share a name with the famous poet Dante Alighieri.
  • Virgil/Vergel – There are various spellings but as a Literature bug, Virgil is also a name that comes from the writer of the Aeneid. In Latin, the name means “flourishing”
  • Honesto – A Filipino-Spanish name that means “honest”
  • Saik – The god of the sea that protects fishermen from tempests and storms from Philippine mythology. Can also be Haik, depending on the translation.
  • Ibrahim – a variation of the name Abraham; Ibrahim is also the name of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent’s right-hand man. The name also means “father of many.”
  • Fionn – a name of Irish origin that means “fair-haired”; the name belongs to a famous hero, Fionn McCool who became the wisest throughout Ireland after tasting a drop from the stew made from the Salmon of Wisdom.
  • Taraki – The Ilocano name that means “handsome,” and let’s be honest: every baby boy is handsome in their mother’s eyes!
  • Alab – A passionate Filipino baby boy name that means “to blaze with emotion”
  • Isagani – An archaic but rich-sounding Filipino baby boy name that means “bountiful harvest”
  • Tanyag – A Tagalog name that means “well-known” or “famous”
  • Saturnino – A Spanish, Portugese name in origin that pays tribute to the planet Saturn which was named after the Roman god Saturn, who was the god of abundance and good harvest. Saturnino was also the name of one of Jose Rizal’s brothers.

There are a lot of unique Filipino baby boy names of different origins!

Coming up with the perfect Filipino baby boy name can be a bit of a struggle but it’s nice to mix and match some names from other countries. Some parents even make their children’s names so long that it’s so unique and impossible to copy! But the most important part about coming up with a perfect name for babies — whether girl or boy — is that it’s a name that holds a lot of sentimental value and love. That, and if it’s important, it abides by certain family or religious traditions.

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