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Moms Will Love This New Water Technology in Their Homes

A new water technology called E2O is now available in the Philippines!

Now more than ever, health has become the top priority of everyone. Moms, in particular, only want the best for their families. And because of our current situation dealing with a pandemic, it made more and more moms realize that investing in their family’s health is so important. This includes the water technology in their homes.

The Launch of a New Water Technology

e2o a new water technology

For this reason, Ecospec Noveltech Philippines, Corp. launched E2O. It uses Singaporean technology and utilizes Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) to energize water with a correct frequency. As a result, it elevates selective molecular bond vibration energy without adding any chemicals or additives. This non-chemical process leads to boosted energy that creates an antioxidizing effect. It gets through the digestive system and is therefore effective in combatting free radicals in the body.

What is ULF?

e2o a new water technology

Short for ultra-low frequency, this is wave energy similar to light, microwave, and radio waves. They are all types of wave energy, however, in different spectrum ranges. Each one is valuable in producing a precise effect. Light waves illuminate, microwaves rotate water molecules to produce heat, and ULF effectively elevates water molecules’ internal energy.

Iza Calzado and Rajo Laurel Share Their Thoughts on E2O

e2o a new water technology virtual launch

During the virtual event, E2O’s brand ambassadors, actress Iza Calzado and fashion designer Rajo Laurel shared their experiences after using E2O for just several weeks. Both noticed a change in their moods and that they wake up feeling more energized! The antioxidizing effect also promotes good and healthy metabolism that everyone in the family can definitely benefit from.

The Benefits of This New Water Technology

e2o a new water technology

1. Energizing

In just a matter of seconds, it energizes your water.

2. Antioxidizing

This is the most direct, easy, and effective way to neutralize excess free radicals.

3. Metabolizing

Third, it supplements the energy needed in the metabolic process.

4. Immunizing

Lastly, E20 helps the body build immunity to fight viruses and other antigens.

A Fashion Show to End the Program

To conclude the virtual event of E2O, a fashion presentation was showcased featuring the latest creations of E2O’s brand ambassador, Rajo Laurel. Dubbed as MONOMORPH, the fashion designer’s 2021 holiday collection is a product of his vision of light and vigor. Thus, the connection of human creativity and water was evident in this energized collaboration.

To learn more about E2O, visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram at and

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