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What’s The Best Coffee Maker for Moms and Dads?

Time to get down to the specifics as to which coffee maker is the best one for you!

Coffee allows us, moms and dads, to have the energy and function properly. Apart from managing the kids and household, we have our respective jobs that sometimes, can be draining. But not every cup of coffee is equal. The flavor of coffee can change depending on the coffee maker used. From an espresso machine, a Moka pot, a coffee brewer, and even a cold brewer, different coffee makers mean different brews and profiles to enjoy. Let’s start with the easy ones to buy, use, and store!

1. French Press

One of the most common coffee makers, the French Presses is fun to have at home because they’re easy to keep and can make you one cup of coffee in an instant. Depending on where it’s from, a French Press can either have a metal filter or a mesh one and can make up to 2 and 1/2 mugs of coffee. However, a French Press tends to squeeze too much of the caffeine out making it extra bitter and strong. However, if the kids are being extra stressful, you’ll need that extra strong coffee.

2. Cold Brewer

If the mason jar method is too complicated to understand and put together, Cold Brewer coffee makers have a built-in filter to store the coffee grinds. Many of these cold brewers go as much as 1.5 Liters with a minimum of 650 mL. They’re easy to make, too! Just stick some coffee grinds into the filter, fill the bottle with water, and stick it in the fridge. The longer it’s left in the fridge, the stronger the coffee—with a less tart aftertaste. Hario is a favored brand because of its thick glass and being able to fit in the fridge because of the silicon-based cover.

3. Moka Pot

Moka Pot is a more primitive coffee maker that focuses on making espressos. It’s a tiny, metal pot that has a filter where you put the grinds and a basin to put the water. Once prepared, place it on the stove and boil. Make sure that the handle doesn’t melt from the heat. It usually takes around 3 to 5 minutes to make a cup of coffee this way. But this method is for those who want to take a concentrated amount of caffeine.

4. Tablet Coffee Machines

When time’s a-wastin’ and kids are yowling, there’s no time to think about how to make coffee. Espresso machines exist with tablets that you can just put in. Some even prefer this because they get a variety of beans to choose from. An espresso machine is when you want your coffee and you want it now! Forget all the fancy chemicals and methods. Your mind demands caffeine.

5. Vietnamese Coffee Maker

Looking for drip coffee but not sure how to make it? The Vietnamese Coffee Maker is a small coffee maker that you can mount on any glass, mug, or cup. Pour the coffee granules inside the Vietnamese coffee maker and then pour hot water through. Pour it gently so it doesn’t splatter, then watch as the coffee drips down, extracting every bit of flavor out of the grinds. Don’t forget to add Condensada at the bottom!

6. Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Similar to the Vietnamese Coffee Maker but this one needs a coffee filter, the pour-over coffee maker creates a mellow flavor instead of the usual strong ones. They usually come in different materials, ranging from plastic to glass. But they rely heavily on coffee filters. However, the coffee that comes out of this coffee maker is the kind that you’d enjoy on a rainy day.

Your coffee maker can make or break your morning.

Coffee is a fickle ingredient but it’s what energizes us and allows us to address everything at home and outside. It helps us remember that there is a certain level of patience we need to have with our kids and everybody else. There are more coffee makers but a lot of them need room and storage, which we probably don’t have. And if it’s just for single serve, these do quite the trick.

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