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10 Wines and Booze Under P1,000 We Can Enjoy At Home

Whether for a date or to cool off, here are some wines and booze under P1,000 to drink at home.

As COVID-19 cases seem to rise now and then, we need to always stock up on necessities. Yes, wine included. We’ll never know if we’re going to have steak for dinner or pasta that needs white wine. Or, on days we need to unwind, it’s a good idea to have a bottle at our disposal. We can even use these wines to teach our teens how to drink. If you’re looking for reasonably-priced ones, here are 10 wines under P1,000 to bring home from Wine Depot.

1. De Bortoli Willowglen Moscato

Cost: P420
Alcohol Level: 8%

One of the sweeter wines and on the top of our list, the Willowglen Moscato is best enjoyed chilled and will last a week after opening. Just like other Moscato, it has a sweetness mixed with a tart and spicy finish to clean up the palate. It’s also vegan- and vegetarian-friendly for those trying to stick to a plant-based diet.

2. Beringer Founder’s Estate Merlot

Cost: P830
Alcohol Level: 13%

Although a bit on the pricier side, the chocolate and blueberry notes in Beringer Founder’s Estate Merlot are just perfect to enjoy with a chocolate cake. Moreover, it’s one of the more common red wines served at weddings to go with steak.

3. Lolea No. 1 Sparkling Red Sangria

Cost: P645
Alcohol Level: 5.5%

When there’s paella, beef salpicao, and chorizo de Bilbao to be had, a sparkling Red Sangria from Lolea’s is the perfect pair. In addition, it works well with a charcuterie board filled with Iberico ham, salami, pepperoni, lyoners, and cheese.

4. Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Cost: P565
Alcohol Level: 40%

Whiskey on a budget, there’s a reason why Jim Beam’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey claims its position as one of the top whiskeys. Smooth with vanilla and caramel tones, this whiskey just dances with your tongue before it hits.

5. Morgan Bay Chardonnay

Cost: P680
Alcohol Level: 12%-13%

Families going on both the seafood and see-food diet can enjoy a small glass of Morgan Bay Chardonnay for a sweet finisher. The fruity, citrusy sweetness can clean up the palate—leaving you wanting more food.

6. Jose Cuervo Gold

Cost: P800
Alcohol Level: 38%

One of the party favorites for tequila, Jose Cuervo Gold is also one of the more flexible booze which allows you to mix it with other spirits and syrups. Some even put fresh strawberries and strawberry milk to make a Tequila Rose. For something more citrus, mix orange and lemon for a Tequila Sunrise.

7. Martini Asti Spumante

Cost: P888
Alcohol Level: 7.5%

This Italian budget Asti is another party or dinner favorite. It’s light, sweet, and easily pairs with strong cheeses. Or, if there’s a cream-based dessert that’s calling from the freezer, the Asti will go so well with it!

8. Baccardi Mojito Rum

Cost: P665
Alcohol Level: 14.9%

The minty freshness from the Baccardi Mojito Rum with some lemon juice and salt is always a welcome drink when enjoying food like nachos, tacos, or anything meaty. Its main feature is how it lingers on your tongue to make sure the palate stays fresh—allowing you to enjoy the next bite.

9. Les Volets Pinot Noir

Cost: P531
Alcohol Level: 12.5%

Les Volets Pinot Noir is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly red wine that can be enjoyed with or without a meal. If with a meal, something a little herby to make the most of it. Best enjoyed chilled like most wines.

10. Absolut Original Vodka

Cost: P750
Alcohol Level: 40%

Not meant for lightweights but the beauty of the Absolut Original Vodka is its flexibility as a base. Mix it with some apple juice to make an apple vodka drink. Or, combine it with some orange for something a little tangier. It’s a party favorite as well.

Wine and booze are a necessity!

During the pandemic, it was hard to grab some alcohol as it wasn’t really considered a necessity. But when you need to loosen up the nerves or have something to smoothen out the night, wine and booze sometimes do a job better than tea. All these wines under P1,000 are available at Wine Depot. Enjoy!

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