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Yasmien Kurdi’s Daughter, Ayesha Zara, Wows the Crowd Just Like Her Mama!

We clearly see that entertainment runs in the family as Yasmien Kurdi’s daughter, Ayesha Zara, impresses during a singing contest.

We’re always proud of our kids when they do something we do, especially if they do it just as good or better. And we’re sure that’s how Yasmien Kurdi felt when her daughter, Ayesha Zara, took the stage in her school. Captioning it with the hashtag #proudmommymoment, the celebrity mom posts the video of her daughter performing Dua Lipa’s Dance the Night Away.

Yasmien also jokes with pride at her daughter’s performance, noting some similarities in the shows she herself has done. “Parang ginagaya mo ang mga da moves ni mama sa out of town shows ah 😂🤣 lol! Love ya!”

Source: yasmien_kurdi Instagram

Her daughter earns a “limelight” moment at 11 years old!

We know kids are always full of surprises! Sometimes, they’re so quiet, sitting in the room and playing with their phones. But their personality suddenly changes when they’re on their stage of choice. They confidently dance and sing, leaving us to scratch our heads where all that came from. It sometimes feels like we’ve missed a few episodes of their character development but, it’s definitely a welcome surprise!

Even friends, fans, and family sang praises for Yasmien Kurdi’s daughter’s performance! Some of Yasmien’s friends like Dianne Medina and Melissa Ricks congratulated and applauded Ayesha on a performance well done, noting how it looked like a younger version of her [Yasmien].

“Wow galing!!👏 parang younger version mo din!👏,” commented Melissa Ricks.

“Like mommy! Ang galing ❤️❤️❤️,” adds showbiz anchor Aubrey Carampel Aricheta.

A big, proud “just like momma” moment for Yasmien Kurdi and her daughter

It’s a big achievement also for the young lady at 11 years old! And it won’t be a surprise for many of us if Ayesha follows in her mom’s footsteps since she was a performer herself. Yasmien had worked her way up after winning first runner-up on GMA’s Starstruck and breathed life into Encantadia‘s Sang’gre Mira in 2005. And if Ayesha continues singing, we’re looking forward to the day Yasmien Kurdi and her daughter perform together!

Yasmien Kurdi was last seen in Start-Up Ph, a Philippine adaptation of the Korean version, and The Missing Husband with celebrity dad Rocco Nacino.

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