Ysabel Ortega Performs With Michelle: “I Got It From My Mama!”

Celebrity mother-daughter duo, Ysabel and Michelle Ortega, share their love for the limelight on the stage of All-Out Sunday: Laro Tayo!

Celebrity mom Michelle Ortega has made a name for herself as an accomplished actress and performer with her daughter, Ysabel, following suit. Not only has Ysabel starred in the latest Voltes V: Legacy but several other shows like On the Wings of Love, What We Could Be, The Gift, Born For You, and many others. And in a rare and wish-fulfilling moment, the celebrity mother-daughter duo sings a duet of Don’t Stop Believing. The reel from Ysabel Ortega’s IG is posted below:

Source: Ysabel Ortega IG

When veteran meets new and when a mother bonds with her daughter

While it’s not uncommon to see a celebrity mother-daughter duo perform together, we can clearly see the love and joy in both mother and daughter. Their performance together during the All-Out Sunday show doesn’t just celebrate their love as mother and daughter. It also celebrates their shared passion for entertainment. They both live and thrive in the limelight.

The entertainment industry is familiar ground for the mother-daughter duo. Although this is their first public and official debut singing together in a show, they’ve actually performed duets at family gatherings. Michelle Ortega sang Trisha Yearwood’s How Do I Live with Ysabel during the latter’s debut.

But the celebrity mother-daughter duo share more than just a love for singing. They have gone through several milestones together, including Ysabel being present at her mother’s wedding in 2018 to her now stepdad and former police general, Gregorio Pimentel.

And during Ysabel Ortega’s debut for the Voltes V movie, Michelle Ortega summoned #TeamOrtega to support her daughter’s performance.

Source: Michelle Ortega Instagram

The Love and Support Michelle Ortega Has For Her Daughter

While some mothers discourage their daughters from entering the same industry as them, Michelle Ortega does so differently. She gives Ysabel the choice; one that her daughter clearly doesn’t regret. Although people will compare, they each have their brand. Michelle, being a veteran in the industry, can now enjoy the fruits of her craft while passing on the knowledge she has to her daughter.

On the other hand, Ysabel takes on a new challenge. As the daughter of Michelle Ortega, she needs to make a name for herself. But the best part is, she is not alone. She’s got mama backing her up!

Currently, Ysabel Ortega has been promoting Voltes V on her Instagram while finding herself a new TV dad in Gabby Eigenmann (who plays Commander Robinson) as he comments, “See u later daughter.”

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