Yohan Santos Agoncillo Graduates From High School!

Congratulations on graduating from high school, Yohan!

Yohan Santos Agoncillo formally graduates high school from OB Montessori! As the proud shutterbug dad, Ryan Agoncillo took several photos while captioning them, “Oh my little Buding <3.” The whole family celebrated with each having shots with her to celebrate the closing of an old chapter and the opening of a new one where she goes off to college.

Yohan Santos Agoncillo’s Graduation Photos!

The first graduation photo of Ryan Agoncillo’s reel is one of Yohan giving a kiss to her mom, Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, while the actress wears her graduation cap. As one of her cheerleaders, especially in swimming, the two share a heartwarming moment which Ryan captures for posterity.

Yohan Santos Agoncillo with her mom, Judy Ann Santos
Source: Ryan Agoncillo Instagram

Judy also added a sweet letter to her daughter on her Instagram: “My dearest Buding, We are so so proud of you… your hard work and perseverance all throughout your HS life paid off and more. ❤️ as you enter another chapter in your life as a college student, a lot will change… there will be a lot of ups and downs.. but all these will make you a better and more responsible person… mom and dad will always be here to support and cheer you on every step of the way.. we love you so much and we appreciate all that you do.”

She also had a shot that included her with her siblings, Luna and Luis, who we’re sure added a lot of joy and mischief to help her navigate through high school drama.

Yohan Santos Agoncillo with her siblings, Luna and Luis
Source: Ryan Agoncillo Instagram

And finally, what graduation shoot would be complete without the proud dad himself?

Yohan Santos Agoncillo with her dad, Ryan Agoncillo
Source: Ryan Agoncillo Instagram

Congratulations, Yohan!

Yohan Santos Agoncillo has been known to be quite well-rounded in her pursuits. While she made a few appearances on stage, the young lady focuses more on sports, most particularly swimming. Judy Ann mentioned that Yohan had been juggling her academic life with her athletic one, making sure that she had not missed out on anything so that she could graduate on time. She also had quite a grand debut for her 18th birthday.

Once again, congratulations on graduating Yohan!

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