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How to Take Good Photos According to Ryan Agoncillo’s Instagram

Dear dads and moms, take note! This is how you take good photos according to Ryan Agoncillo.

Celebrity dad Ryan Agoncillo is known for his mesmerizing photos, capturing moments that most cameras would miss. His Instagram is proof of that as a shutterbug and professional photographer by heart. While having a good camera is part of getting impeccable shots, Ryan Agoncillo also shows how to use the environment to his advantage for creating the best memories. So, here are tips on how to take good photos:

1. Sometimes, it’s better that there’s nothing in the background

Ryan Agoncillo's photo of nature
Source: Ryan Agoncillo (@ryan_agoncillo) Instagram

Photographers call empty spaces in a photo called “negative spaces” and the way Ryan Agoncillo uses it in this photo emphasizes how blue the waters are with the trees serving as a contrast.

2. Focus on catching the dynamic and candid photos

While we love a good formal photo for the digital Christmas card, it doesn’t capture the personality of the family. With everyone wearing the same thing, they look like every other generic Filipino family on a Christmas card. Many of Ryan’s shots, if we notice, are rarely formal but fully capture the love and life at the moment.

Isn’t that why cameras were invented?

3. Make the lighting work for you

Ryan Agoncillo's daughter
Source: Ryan Agoncillo (@ryan_agoncillo) Instagram

Lighting tells the mood of the picture and knowing how to emphasize the best features of your subject. And as a dad, Ryan makes sure he captures the best but most realistic moments of Judy Ann, Yohan, Luna, and Luis. When he took a photo of Luna here while she was having breakfast, he used the morning sun but didn’t try to make it too bright to create a facade that the sun is just rising.

4. Filters are not all bad

Ryan Agoncillo's wife Judy Ann Santos
Source: Ryan Agoncilla (@ryan_agoncillo) Instagram

There is a classy and proper way to use filters that can make the photos look better. Ryan Agoncillo has a few grayscale photos that capture the photo’s rawness. When the Santos-Agoncillo family celebrated the New Year, he caught all his family members enjoying the sparklers.

Dads can take good photos, too!

Usually, moms take photos and add them to the album, making her the one missing in the family photos. But that’s not fair for the mom who probably wants some exclusive shots with the kids, too. Taking family photos can also be a dad thing, and Ryan Agoncillo proves that!

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