Ysabel Ortega Shares What to Expect from Jamie Robinson in Voltes V: Legacy

Ysabel Ortega shares why she’s excited to play the role and gives insights on the father-daughter bonding of her character with co-star Gabby Eigenmann.

Expectations are high for the upcoming Voltes V: Legacy after its trailer release last January. Actress Ysabel Ortega, who plays the role of Jamie Robinson, admitted that she and her co-stars are feeling the pressure but are taking it in stride. Speaking to Modern Parenting at the sideline of a Beautderm event, the actress said that Jamie is more humanized in the story.

“Ang dami pang instances na makikita mo yung mga traits ng isang powerful woman,” Ysabel explained. “I’m just so happy in portraying a role talaga na magiging simbolo ng kababaihan.”

In Voltes V, Jamie is the lone female on the team and has been dubbed as the voice of reason. On top of her being a member of the team, another layer everyone is looking out for is the father-daughter relationship between Jamie and General Robinson portrayed by Gabby Eigenmann.

Ysabel on bonding with her on-screen father

Regarding her bonding with Gabby, Ysabel said that viewers will definitely see a different attack on the relationship in Legacy.

“He’s such a sweet person,” Ysabel said of her on-screen father. “He’s a jokester, he’s always with us, and at the same time, when he’s on scene, you will really be the general.”

“So I just love the duality with Kuya Gab kasi because he can be sweet and funny [which] is super opposite of his character. But when you see him as General Robinson, you’ll really believe it. And he’s so effective. I love the relationship we developed on-screen and off-screen.”

The What Could It Be actress also added that in terms of storyline, there are more layers to expect beyond fighting beastfighters.

“For Voltes V: Legacy, we’re really humanizing the characters. We’re giving them side stories, adding more characters that are just as interesting and captivating in the original. So it’s really a whole new world.”

Busy career

On top of finishing scenes for Voltes V: Legacy, Ysabel Ortega has also been juggling her studies as a law student. Coming from a politician and showbiz clan, Ysabel explained her decision why she pursued law.

“Ever since talaga I’ve been curious about the field. Ginusto ko na talaga imaging abugado,” she said. ” My college course was pre-law and now I’m taking up law and I’m really enjoying it talaga.”

She also shared that during her entrance exam, she was asked if she won’t have a hard time studying. Ysabel explained that it’s just like pursuing showbiz where criticism is part of it.

“You really have to have thick skin and bones in the fields. That’s why I really felt I could use it, my experiences in showbiz in school like interviews and scripts.”

Lessons kids can learn from Jamie Robinson

With Legacy set to air this coming summer, Ysabel Ortega knows that her character will be watched by many especially kids and she hopes they will learn from her.

“For me, people who underestimate you will be proven wrong if you show them. And if you’re strong enough to show to people what you’re made of. There’s the assumption na pag babae mahina, pag babae hindi kaya ibigay na lang sa lalaki. That’s always the stereotype. And all through the series, Jamie really proves that wrong.”

While the focus is on the relationship between the Armstrong brothers and their father, Ysabel said that she and other young ones will definitely relate to the importance of family.

” For me, it’s really to treasure and fight for your family. But also from my character, I’ve learned so much from her. I was really shy when I entered showbiz. Yes, I would talk to people but I was really an introvert,” she shared.

“I really feel that Jamie shed the power of my shell. I really became confident. My posture was better because I was training more; I really felt that it was Jamie rubbing off of me that I rubbed off of her,” she added.

Voltes V: Legacy stars Miguel Tanfelix, Radson Flores, Matt Lorenzo, and Rafael Landicho. Dennis Trillo, Albert Martinez, Martin del Rosario, and Carla Abellana are also part of the cast under the direction of Mark Reyes.

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