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4 Important Lessons We Picked Up from Team Kramer’s Interview with Toni Gonzaga

Team Kramer, specifically Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia, recently sat down with Toni Gonzaga about raising their family, faith in God, and looking at the bright side of challenges thrown at them

Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia-Kramer’s family known as Team Kramer is one of the most popular celebrity families in the country. But the couple would be the first to admit that like other families, they live normal lives, sharing tidbits with their followers.

The couple recently sat down with Toni Gonzaga on her online channel and shared tips and insights about raising their family, their partnership, and the struggles they went through. From their interview, we narrowed it to four lessons we felt it was important to share.

Their faith in God is powerful

During the course of the interview, it was clear that Team Kramer puts God above all things. In fact, at the entrance of their home, there is a Bible verse at the door– Joshua 24:15. When asked about it, Doug said: ” [This is] because it’s not just about Chesca and I, not just about our family but it’s our entire household.”

Chesca added: ” Everything the Lord has given us, his faithfulness to us he has been so good to our family and from our journey to our first home to this home, we just want to let everyone know everyone who comes here, this is not our home but Gods home.”

Team Kramer on the importance of partnership

In the interview, Chesca shared that Doug was an all-around husband. From managing their finances to having their house built, Doug made sure he was on top of everything allowing Cheska to take care of the kids.

Doug recalled the time Cheska was pregnant with their son Gavin wherein they were going through a lot and struggling. Their struggles make him believe why a lot of families can relate to them.

“Kaya siguro and daming nakarelate sa family namin kasi they could see we started really small, worked our way up. Our marriage is really a combined partnership and not one role is greater but each role is as significant as the other.”

The challenging years were actually the best according to Chesca

Chesca said that the challenging years for her were the best. ” Those are one of the happiest days of my life when we didn’t have much. Because I really saw the hands of God in our early married life. With that, it was good training, nag-practice kami to really depend on each other and really depend on the Lord and to be really trusting and faithful.”

“I truly believe that every person, every family, every couple goes through pruning and it’s only to highlight God’s strength,” Doug added. “I believe that for us, for God to be highlighted in our lives sometimes he has to put us through testings. Let’s not think of testings as punishment because it may not be like that.”

Team Kramer - Doug and Cheska

Team Kramer’s Commitment to make things work

Doug shared that when it comes to making their marriage work, they make sure not to argue on specific things. ” We never fought about money. We discuss everything out in the open, there are no secrets. We stay faithful to each other.”

“We never play with fire in other words temptation… we never fought and lasted more than a day.”

“it’s a choice to make it work. Loving your partner, everything is a choice,” Chesca said. ” It’s a decision that you have to make every day.”

Making it work

Like any family, Team Kramer has their own parts in the family. It’s important to make it work not just for Doug being a father or Chesca being a mom but also for their kids who have been blessed and sweet to them thus the blessings they have been getting in the past years.

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