5 Filipino Celebrity Families We Love Watching Online

These Filipino celebrity families give us a peek into their lives and they are just like normal like us

Celebrities creating content on YouTube is nothing new. Even before the pandemic, many personalities have been launching their own YouTube channels. This goes also for celebrity families who have been sharing snippets of raising their kids, exercise routine, or vacation in various locations. We rounded up five Filipino celebrity families people love watching and it’s not just about their adventures. Their content is actually filled with lessons you can apply to your own household.

Team Kramer

No list of Filipino celebrity families will be complete without Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer’s family. Together with their kids Kendra, Scarlet, and Gavin, Team Kramer has been one of the most popular families on social media.

Their YouTube channel contains various contents from the couple’s exercise routine to the kids’ activities. Although the family has been successful as a brand, Doug and Chesca have also been respectful of their children’s privacy. Checa, Doug, and Kendra were recently part of A Parent’s and Caregiver’s Guide to the Instagram webinar, talking about the effects of social media on children.

The Alcaraz Family

Marco Alcaraz and Lara Quigaman’s relationship has been very private but the couple has been kind in sharing some of their family’s adventures. The couple also shares some parenting and love advice on their vlogs and on their respective social media accounts. And we do say their sons are future heartthrobs.

Life with the Arellanos

Iya Villania and Drew Arelllano’s family has been a favorite of showbiz. The couple, who are known to be one of the most well-loved in the industry have also been generous in sharing some of their adventures with their children both on Instagram and YouTube. We can’t wait when for baby number 4 to arrive because there will be more content to watch for sure.

Pratty TV

John Prats and Isabel Oli launched Pratty TV years back and have been consistent in sharing videos of their daily life. From life in the province to spending time with their kids, it’s no wonder why their channel, which has close to 76,000 followers is one of those watched by many.

Happy Islanders

Family life is definitely seen in the Happy Islanders channel of Andi Eigenmman and Philmar Alipayo. The couple not only shares their life in Siargao but has also used the platform to raise funds. Andi and Philmar recently gave an update on the status of the island after the devastation made by Super Typhoon Odette and proceeds from the December videos were able to buy supplies to construct 10 houses.

Good vibes

Filipino celebrity families’ videos offer good vibes and a chance to smile. It also gives followers a chance to get to know them a little bit better. But as followers, we also have to be mindful of their privacy. After all, they are just like us who want to relax, chill, and spend make people smile.

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