5 Maternity Shoot Ideas You’ll Love by PH Celeb Moms

Maternity shoots are fun to do especially when you want to take advantage of that pregnancy glow. Here are some cute maternity shoot ideas!

Maternity shoots help us document our pregnancies in a creative way. It also gives a chance to boost our self-esteem instead of thinking about the sleepless nights or some of the troubles that come with pregnancies. With the pandemic, it might be a little hard to do outdoor maternity shoots. But there might be some cute ones you can do. Here are a few easy maternity shoot ideas we can do at home.

1. Mirror Selfie

Nothing says maternity shoot idea via taking note of progress through a mirror selfie. Since it’s not safe for pregnant moms to go outside, we can settle for the classic mirror selfie. And if you get enough photos, you might even be able to make a timelapse video. It’ll be a memory to hold on to especially as a first-time mom watching your journey in becoming a mom-to-be. Actress Nikki Gil flashed her baby bump and flaunted a mirror selfie in a bright red dress.

2. Belly Cast

Nadine Samonte had a cute idea of making a cast over her baby bump, collecting each from her first to her third child. She posted on her Instagram her joy of being able to collect all three of them.

3. Keeping it tropical and natural

Sam Pinto-Semerad‘s never been shy about her love for nature and the sea. Even her maternity shoot follows the said theme! With a nice mix of sand brown and even the cool blue waters of the pool, Sam rocked that pregnant look and showed that her daughter, Mia Aya, is definitely the queen of the sea.

4. Showcasing two sides of being a mom-to-be

Former PBB Housemate Dionne Monsanto plays around with her maternity shoot with some humor. One shot of her really flaunting her baby bump and the other showing what it’s sometimes like to be an expectant mom. She even jokes how happy she is that her sexy belly just got even “sexier” by doubling as a table.

5. Workout Moms

A lot of times, being pregnant makes people think that women become fragile. But that’s going to change their minds when they see you doing a workout even with a baby bump. Cha Cruz Behag and Aubrey Miles went with that route, showcasing that working out while pregnant is still possible and healthy too.

The pandemic shouldn’t limit our maternity shoot ideas!

Our being locked inside because of the pandemic shouldn’t limit how our maternity shoot ideas should go. We can go with a nerdy approach, a geeky one — it doesn’t matter as long as it’s something you’re happy with. As the expecting mom, these are the photos that you’ll look back to when your baby’s born.

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