Got An Airfryer? You’ll Want To Try These Droolworthy Recipes Out

Now that you’ve jumped on the air fryer train, here are some of the recipes that’ll satisfy all your cravings. You’re welcome.

After last year‘s ube-cheese pandesal phenomenon, it’s the air fryer’s turn to shine. And why shouldn’t it? It’s a handy appliance that takes frozen food to a whole other level, as well as many of our other fave fried goodies.

Air fryers are this millennium’s turbo broiler; they use hot air to cook food, giving it that TDF golden brown color and texture sans deep-frying and all that oil. If all that sounds amazing, wait ’til you see the chocolate chip cookie recipe. Without further ado, here are our favorite things to make in an air fryer:

Amazing air fryer recipes you need to try out

1. 4-ingredient Nutella brownies

This recipe from is as easy as it is delish. Minimal ingredients, maximum yumminess. Don’t forget to line your cake pan because this cake can get a bit sticky!

2. Sweet chilli wings

Amp up movie night with these sweet chilli wings. This Asian-inspired recipe has just the right amount of spiciness and crunch that’ll make you forget about BonChon chicken. Don’t forget to make the dipping sauce that goes with it!

3. Gooey mozzarella sticks

This kiddie-party staple is the quintessential cheesy appetizer everyone can’t get enough of. Unlike your typical cheese stick recipe, this one requires zero oil and uses mozzarella in place of Magnolia quikmelt.

4. Zucchini, corn and haloumi fritters

Got a kid who refuses to eat veg? These fritters should do the trick! Feel free to sub zucchini for grated carrots or lettuce and kesong puti in place of haloumi. Don’t forget the dipping sauce!

5. Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookie fans will love this take on the classic fave. In place of a cookie sheet, you’ll need to poke holes through a sheet of parchment paper so that the edges don’t curl up in your air fryer. Don’t worry if you’ve got a lot of dough left over, you can store them in the freezer or in the fridge!

6. Coconut shrimp

Missing the beach? This air fryer coconut shrimp recipe brings the tropics into your kitchen. Wonderfully crispy as it is succulent, we recommend using panko breadcrumbs to take the crispiness up a notch.

7. Sweet potato chips

Skip the frozen french fries and give these sweet potato chips a try. This air fryer recipe is the perfect sweet-salty combo that’s impossible not to love. Experiment with the seasonings — we love cayenne and thyme on ours!

8. Twice-baked potatoes with cheddar cheese and bacon

What’s better than baked potatoes? Twice-baked potatoes, of course! Nothing screams comfort food more than this hearty side dish, and thanks to the air fryer, you can have ’em ready in 10 minutes!

9. Mini pizzas

Running out of ideas for your kid’s merienda? These simple pizza bites are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages! Instead of ready made dough, this air fryer recipe uses frozen puff pastry that you can cut up into any shape you want. Triangle pizzas, anyone?

Achieving that perfectly crispy texture just got easier, thanks to your fave new appliance, the air fryer. Now for the tricky part: how to clean that tray…

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