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Alaiza Malinao: Women Can Make The First Move

Model and mom of two Alaiza Malinao shared some tips for women wanting to date.

Dating can be complicated for many. For Filipinas out there, the norms dictated by society can be a hindrance because they should allow the guy to do the chasing. But model and former Miss Universe Philippines candidate Alaiza Malinao sees nothing wrong with women making the first move.

In an Instagram post, Alaiza, a mom of two boys, shared some tips she learned when she met her partner Dennis.

“So many of you asked for our love story and kung ano ang ‘secret formula’ ko in finding love. Ito na po! Sana makatulong!” she captioned the entry.

In the graphic, it’s written, “Making the first move will not make you less of a woman.”

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Here are the tips she learned:

Don’t Hesitate to Assert Your Interest!

Alaiza wrote that online dating was not for her and asked a friend to introduce her to people. “I told my preferences. I wanted someone mature, afam (foreign), and fun to be with.”

She added she relayed her request so that it could also be heard.

Dating is a Series of Trial and Error

Alaiza recalled she met her partner for the first time in 2017 and dated in 2018.

” May kinausap din ako nung nag introduce kami sa isa’t isa,” she said. “Tapos, nag move ako to L.A. to work as a model so parang di pa nagsisimula yung love story namin nagtapos na agad.”

What’s Meant for You Will Find It’s Way to You

Just when she thought that the romance with her partner would end, something happened in 2018 – he followed her back on Instagram!

They never exchanged numbers according to Alaiza. ” We never got to talk or see each other. We just moved on with our lives. But I always wondered what happened to him and he was always at the back of my mind.”

Make the First Move!

Once he messaged and connected with her, Alaiza saw it as a sign. “As #AnEmpoweredWoman who is not afraid to take chances I took charge. I messaged him. I made the first move.”

The Davao native, who considers herself a probinsyana added that while she comes from a traditional family, she sees no wrong about asserting what she feels is right. “I strongly believe that women should be allowed to express their feelings (no matter what language).”

She also emphasized that nothing is wrong with a woman making the first move.

Believe in Romance

For singles out there who are looking or have gotten tired of looking for the one, Alaiza shared it’s important to believe in the relationship and work on it.

“Pakiligin ‘nyo ang isa’t isa. Dapat, the feeling is mutual for the relationship to work,” she shared.

She added that even if she was the one who took the step forward, he also had to do his share of the work. They eventually got together when they met in L.A. and now share two sons.

What’s the secret formula?

At the end of the post, Alaiza Malinao said that the so-called “secret formula” is three things – greetings, making the person smile, and asking an open-ended question, which she points out works and cites some examples.

Finding the right one in a sea of people around the world is a daunting task. But with what Alaiza’s relationship with her partner has proven, it’s all about taking the risk, making the commitment, and most of all, working on the relationship.

Oh and for the woman out there, as Alaiza Malinao has constantly repeated in her post – there is nothing wrong with women making the first move.

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