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How Angeline Quinto Has Been Managing Gestational Diabetes

In a vlog, singer Angeline Quinto confirmed she has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes in her second pregnancy

There are moments when moms and moms-to-be experience side effects of pregnancy. Angeline Quinto knew this well when she announced that she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in her second pregnancy.

In her vlog, the singer said that upon talking with her doctor, the gestational diabetes was probably due to her lifestyle.

Aminado naman ako na medyo wala akong control ngayon kasi ang dami ko din ginagawang work,” Angeline said. “Nakakalungkot lang kasi puwede siyang makaapekto kay baby so kailangan ko magbago ng lifestyle.”

Photo from Angeline Quinto Youtube

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes occurs among pregnant women. The Mayo Clinic website defined it as “diabetes diagnosed for the first time during pregnancy.” Gestational diabetes affects how the cells use sugar or glucose.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat or manage gestational diabetes. In Angeline’s case, it starts with lifestyle changes. Here are some of the changes she made.

Change of diet

One of the first things Angeline did was to change her food intake. She was seen eating a piece of bread, one slice of banana, and a sunny-side-up egg. It’s best to consult with a nutritionist for food that can be consumed during the duration of the pregnancy.

Glucose Monitoring

In the vlog, Angeline was shown to have a continuous glucose monitoring device. The device helps her monitor her blood sugar when it goes up or down.

“Minomonitor ko din yung aking pagkain everyday – breakfast, lunch, kasama na din yung merienda doon and dinner. So iwas-iwas muna tayo sa mga matatamis at white rice, ” she said during the update.

Her husband Nonrev has also been supportive and has actually recommended quinoa as a substitute to her for her food.

Getting enough rest as much as possible

At the time she was making her vlog, Angeline shared that she had just entered her final trimester. Unlike her first pregnancy with her son Slyvio, Angeline said that the second pregnancy has been a challenge to the point that she could not sleep properly.

Madalas nagigising ako ng madaling araw para mag CR and nahihirapan ako sa pagatayo sa kama and pagbalik,” she said.

Bilang nanay, kasabay ng pagbubuntis ko ngayon kailangan talaga na nakakapagpahinga tayo kabilang sa mga ginagawa natin dito sa bahay.”

Reminder to all: Consult Medical Professionals

Although Angeline has shared her challenges with gestational diabetes, moms out there who are pregnant should always remember to consult with their doctor. They can tell you what to do as you navigate your pregnancy. From there, they can also refer you to the right people on what to do.

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