Beauty and Brains: Atasha Muhlach Graduates with Honors!

Celebrity daughter Atasha Muhlach proves that she’s got the beauty and brains!

Graduating from London’s Nottingham Trent University School of Business is no joke. But to graduate with honors is proof that the daughter of celebrities Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales, Atasha, has both beauty and brains. Her hard work has paid off as she fulfills the promise that she made to her parents to dedicate herself to education before entering the entertainment industry.

The Usual Adage: “Aral muna.”

We always encourage our kids to “study first” (or aral muna) because we’re scared that their dreams may not be something they want to pursue in the end. Graduating from school creates that safety blanket for them; in case their dreams don’t pan out or they need capital to fund their dreams, their college degree is what will make sure that they won’t go hungry while they’re in pursuit of the former. However, there are some who truly dedicate themselves to their craft, such as Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja, who dedicated her life to mastering the strength and beauty found in ballet instead of the traditional pathway of taking academics.

But what happens when school life ends? Atasha Muhlach’s graduation speech to her batch mates and the teaching staff of Nottingham Trent University (NTU) says it all. “This is just the beginning of a new journey for us all,” she declares. “Embrace new opportunities and face new challenges that come our way, knowing that we can do anything we can set our minds to.”

You can also watch the rest of the graduation speech below:

Source: Atasha Muhlach Instagram

There is beauty in brains

Beauty is multi-faceted; it’s a combination of having a personal skincare routine that works for us while sharpening our minds with books like a knife on a whetstone. We, as parents, are the most aware of how physical beauty can fade with only a select few having the gift of ageless beauty. Because in a world filled with “constant change,” intellectual brilliance is a kind of beauty that never fades. Congratulations on graduating, Atasha! We can’t wait to see you shine in the limelight!

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