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Bambi del Rosario: Sweet Flavors Of Resilience

The culinary experience has evolved for Bambi del Rosario and her family, and in this flavorful journey she’s discovered the secret ingredient to living the sweeter life

She has faced cameras, hosted events, and established food concepts. A stellar career, however, is quick to fade into the background when family comes into play. Restaurateur Bambi del Rosario begins, “Family is a man’s greatest treasure. So make sure you make yours feel loved every day.” She utilizes her passion for flavors to enhance family life, and transform mealtime into precious bonding moments.

Change in meals

A pre-pandemic schedule once consisted of dinners or lunches taking place in restaurants. Since lockdowns in 2020, eating out had been replaced by home-cooked meals prepared together. It was a welcome change that brings excitement to Bambi’s tone. “Our family loves food, so we experiment a lot in the kitchen to make it fun. Cooking is one of our constant family bonding activities. My daughter Annika, husband Allan, and I take turns in whipping up something for the family. My son Laszlo helps too in any way he can,” she details.

Biohacking in Cooking

Elevating food experiences is an essential part of her menu at home. A recent introduction to biohacking has seen edits on her meal plans, adding more vegetables and nutrient-dense foods to the mix. “I do not force my kids to eat vegetables that they do not like,” she relays. “Instead, I make them try a variety of veggies and I make more of their favorite ones. Balance is important to me. So once in a while, I allow them indulgent food.”

Building a better Iceberg

As the revenue of the family food business, Icebergs, plunged during the pandemic, Bambi and her team scrambled for effective ways to mitigate the impact. Bambi says that developing 10 new programs has helped keep the business afloat so far. The valuable lessons from the experience have fueled their thirst to keep doing better. “My biggest realization is that we are incredibly resilient. And I believe that with hard work, we can overcome any obstacle that will come our way,” she says, brimming with optimism. 

Food experiences of Bambi while on lockdown have changed in the most beautiful way possible. From professionally orchestrated meals served in restaurants, dishes are now culinary expressions borne out of tight family bonds. Just the same, there is a new secret ingredient that adds new flavor and texture to the recipes in her establishments. It’s a natural sweetener called, resilience

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