5 Best Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Mom

Breakfast in bed means having a moment of peace before diving into the hectic mess that is your household.

We like having breakfast in bed every now and then. As long as there are no crumbs that we have to clean up, having a peaceful meal sounds like a nice way to start the day. We don’t want to hear kids screaming. No siblings trying to bite the other. We want to know that our partners will make sure that everything is under control for at least a good thirty minutes. Mama needs a little self-care too you know!

Peace and quiet’s all we need. But maybe even some of the chores done would be nice too.

Most of the time, we deal with all the screaming and wailing in the house. Our job isn’t easy! Making sure that the house doesn’t fall apart and the kids don’t gnaw at each other like rabid wolves is a lot of work for one person. We do this all day, all year. But for Mother’s Day, we could really use an hour to take a break and have some peaceful breakfast that doesn’t require too much kitchen work:

Pandesal and Coffee

Pandesal and Coffee Breakfast in Bed

Simple and old-style, nothing beats getting a freshly brewed mug of coffee with freshly baked pandesal from Pan De Manila. If Pan De Manila isn’t open in the morning, there’s some pandesal you can buy from the grocery. Toasty on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. With a soft, fragrant Sagada Dark Roast brew, that would be heavenly! Oh, you can also add some Kesong Puti from Buffy’s for that extra flavor.

Ensaymada and Spanish Hot Chocolate

Ensaymada and Theo and Brom's Chocolate

The salty sweetness of the Ensaymada balanced with the bittersweet richness of the Spanish Hot Chocolate, that’s a pairing straight out of Chocolate Kiss Cafe. It doesn’t have to be specifically Spanish Hot Chocolate though. You can get Tableya from Theo & Brom or a nice Swiss Miss is okay too.

Pancakes & Bacon

Pancake and Bacon

Pancakes are a staple for breakfast in bed especially with a side order of freshly fried bacon. The smell of the smoked bacon wafting in the room’s enough to calm anybody down. As for the bacon, you can either buy it there from the restaurant or just toast a few of them yourself. But make sure to clean up after.

Assorted Breads and Cheese with fresh fruit

Breads and cheese on a charcuterie board

If you’re going to go #treatyoself on Mother’s Day, go crazy with the bread and cheese. Santi’s has a wide selection of cheese like Manchego, Brie, Camembert, Gouda, and many others. Have some toasted bread with some good butter and top it with some Parma or Prosciutto Ham. To finish off the meal, have a bowl of whipped cream and giant fresh strawberries. Though, you can change it with oranges, grapes, and kiwi if strawberries are not in season.

Raisin Bread

Baguio Country Club is known for creating the best raisin bread. No need for jam. Just drink it with maybe some coffee or tea. Stick in the toaster while brewing yourself a cup so that everything comes out right on schedule. After that, you can quickly sneak into the room and lock the door. That way, your breakfast in bed remains completely undisturbed.

Mother’s Day is a time you #treatyoself!

Breakfast in bed is one of the few dreams we moms wish came true. It’s hard being a mom since everything in the house seems to fall square onto our shoulders. Sometimes, we get a little ashamed to ask for our partners to pamper us (because sometimes, what do they know?). So, if anything, we know you’d like a little peace and quiet for a good hour to enjoy breakfast in bed. Don’t worry, your partner can handle it for an hour.

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